Hannu Pro News Feed http://www.hannu-pro.com Hannu Pro - production equipment, TV, playout and broadcast solutions, service and integration Hannu Pro Tue, 18 Feb 2014 10:04:35 +0200 Hannu Pro web webs@hannu-pro.com (Hannu Pro webmaster) http://www.hannu-pro.com/favicon_hp.png Hannu Pro News Feed http://www.hannu-pro.com 60 60 http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPV_VRBS Tue, 18 Feb 2014 10:04:35 +0200 Hannu Pro Vilnius supplies 3D production solution for Vilnius school http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPV_VRBS As part of bigger EUR 300 000 valued tender for Vilnius Vocational School of Railway and Business Services Hannu Pro Vilnius provided 3D video production and streaming solution. This includes a Panasonic AG-3DA1EJ twin lens (true 3D) camcorder equipped with Cartoni, Camrade, and SWIT accessories; wireless Beyerdynamic microphones and receivers; a Panasonic BT-3DL2550 3D monitor with dual SDI inputs; a Grass Valley STORM 3G Elite and EDIUS based nonlinear video editing system; a Thecus network area storage system; and a Barix audio over IP solution. Customer opted for EDIUS based non-linear editing solution as EDIUS really shines as most efficient tool for 3D editing thanks to its unique features, which allows capturing, editing and playback of true 3D video. EDIUS 3G Elite allows full monitoring of 3D video when connected to a Panasonic BT-3DL2550 3D via two parallel SDI cables. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#AviWest_HP_Tallin Tue, 24 Jan 2012 17:04:54 +0200 Broadcasters in Baltics and Finland are opting for AVIWest's wireless video transmission solution http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#AviWest_HP_Tallin After successful tests in Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki at end of 2011, Hannu Pro has already delivered several AVIWest IBIS video transmission systems to its customers in Baltics and Finland, including Estonian Public Broadcasting and Tallinna TV in Estonia and Nelonen Media, the second largest private broadcaster in Finland. All of them evaluated alternatives before choosing AVIWest as the most complete and efficient solution. The total market value of these recent deals exceeds EUR 75 000.<br /> <br />IBIS video transmission system consists of the transmitter called DMNG (Digital Mobile News Gathering) and a receiving server IBIS Studio. The system is capable of bonding any type of mobile Internet carrier networks to form stable signal providing sufficient bandwidth for broadcast quality video transmission (up to HD). Carriers can be literally any type of large distance mobile data communication networks including 3G, 4G, CDMA, Wimax, but also broadband (wireless or Ethernet). Video is compressed using proprietary video compression technology, which is developed based on H.264 standard. It allows adaptive bit-rate and copes well with changing bandwidth of mobile networks. In areas with limited or no coverage the Store-and-forward feature can be used. The DMNG is lightweight and compact so it can be mounted directly on the camera. It accepts (HD)SDI with embedded audio or composite video with analogue stereo pair. The servers are available in several configurations. All of them are capable of recording the transmission, while outputting (HD)SDI for play-out. IBIS also features an intercom for direct talkback. For further details and tests please contact Hannu Pro local specialist.<br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Nurts_SAT Wed, 08 Aug 2012 17:36:01 +0300 Hannu Pro supplies Bridge Technologies and Wohler signal control systems for NURTS SAT uplink station http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Nurts_SAT Earlier this year NURTS - Bulgarian National Unit Radio and TV Systems - called two tenders to supply various signal-monitoring systems. In both tenders NURTS opted for solutions proposed by Hannu Pro. During next month Hannu Pro delivered, installed and brought into operation a modular Bridge Technologies based monitoring system expansion solution for NURTS SAT head-end to continuously monitor satellite and IP signals. This included a number of VB Broadcast Probe units: three rack cases and several VB120, VB270, and VB280 modules, as well as appropriate upgrade for central system server: five licences for IP modules and reporting module for 20 units to support data storage, analysis, and alarm generation, when deviation exceeds given tolerance. Hannu Pro also supplied and installed on NURTS satellite up-link station several Wohler AMP1A-30 2-channel audio monitoring units and Wohler VAMP2-MDA multichannel/multiformat audio and video monitoring units for SDI, SD-SDI, and CVBS signal monitoring. Supplied equipment will ensure that NURTS will be able to deliver best quality monitoring for recently developed channels. Project market value approximates at EUR 70 000.<br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LTViddr Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:45:35 +0300 Latvian Television invests in new Grass Valley equipment to support play-out http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LTViddr Earlier this year Latvian State Television (LTV) set the target to improve broadcasting automation by upgrading technical resources and carried out an in-depth market research for available technologies and solutions comparing various systems and functionality. After finishing the research procedure LTV called procurement tender "supply of digital video recording/play-out equipment", which closed in October with Hannu Pro victory. The most competitive offer prepared by Hannu Pro was based on Grass Valley T2 iDDR-PRO intelligent media recorder technology and according to final agreement LTV soon will receive three multifunctional media server units providing a number of signal input/output and video format options. Each Grass Valley T2 iDDR-PRO unit supports SD and HD (up to 1080p) video, simultaneous one channel recording and play-out for two independent channels. Each unit includes 1TB media and data storage and supports transparent background content transmission and synchronization, as well as different remote control protocols, including: AMP (Advanced Media Protocol), BVW, GPI, and more using RS-422 or Ethernet connections. The supply also includes monitors and other required accessories. Project market value exceeds EUR 40 000. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Belden Fri, 26 Sep 2014 13:16:32 +0300 Hannu Pro expands partner list with Belden http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Belden Starting from 2014 Hannu Pro expanded its product range with Belden communication network infrastructure products and solutions now available for customers in Latvia, Baltic States and other markets. Uniting a number of various communication technology enterprises Belden is one of worlds leading network infrastructure products manufacturers. Belden offers wired and wireless end-to-end signal and seamless data communications and automation systems, as well as signal conversion, and IP/ legacy data transmission convergence solutions for IT industry, industrial and corporate connectivity, transportation, and broadcasting. Belden provides highest quality audio and visual cabling and end-to-end signal transmission solutions for most demanding broadcasting industry, as well as energy industry to withstand toughest operational conditions. To find out how Belden technologies can help your business, please, contact your Hannu Pro representative. http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_all_GrassValley_en.html#Edius65_cg Wed, 05 Sep 2012 10:50:25 +0300 Grass Valley offers cross-grade promotion for its EDIUS NLE http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_all_GrassValley_en.html#Edius65_cg EDIUS Pro 6.5 continues to deliver best-in class mixed format editing, extensive native codec support, and unrivalled real-time capabilities. Grass Valley now offers cross grade package for its EDIUS nonlinear editing software towards users of other nonlinear editing systems. EDIUS Pro 6.5 is available at a price of EUR 299 for current users of: Adobe Premiere, AVID Media Composer, AVID Liquid, AVID Symphony, Sony Vegas, Apple FinalCut Pro, and Grass Valley EDIUS 1/2/3/4/5.<br /><br />For details contact your local Hannu Pro representative<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_company_en.html#kontakti http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Positivus_TV Fri, 26 Sep 2014 13:18:26 +0300 Hannu Pro provides play-out for Positivus TV channel http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Positivus_TV In June Hannu Pro and Hannu Digital commenced implementation of new cooperation project to develop in-house play-out system, allowing direct provision of TV channel play-out services to Hannu Pro customers. With this project Hannu Pro is setting new grounds on expanding business activities. Hannu Pro TV channel play-out service offer is beneficial opportunity for customers exploring available play-out options for Blatic and global markets without investing substantial resources into expensive play-out infrastructure. Hannu Pro and Hannu Digital now together hold an advanced play-out and telecommunication systems infrastructure, which can work with content received by various means (FTP, IP, SDI and others) providing automated TV programme play-out with enhanced interactive broadcast graphics, as well as allows routing of prepared signals to all possible distribution networks - IPTV, OTT, DTT and SAT. To match the events of Positivus - highly popular music festival, which took place on July 18th to 20ty, 2014 in Salacgriva, on June 10 Hannu Pro launched Positivus TV music channel broadcasts and provides automated programme play-out, channel branding and transmission to broadcast systems for distribution into WebTV, Lattelecom interactive IPTV, and Latvian terrestrial broadcast networks. For detailed information about play-out services offered by Hannu Pro, please, contact your local Hannu Pro representative. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPT_TTV Tue, 22 Oct 2013 16:09:52 +0300 Tallinna TV transforms its play-out to an integrated Grass Valley K2 Edge platform http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPT_TTV In spring Tallinna TV - Tallinn city council public broadcasting company - finished their Pubitronic channel-in-a-box system upgrade and now it can broadcast from the new state-of-the-art Grass Valley K2 Edge Elite full-featured integrated play-out platform. Upgrading to a Grass Valley K2 Edge Elite platform with integrated TX/MAM server system provided Tallinna TV a fully controllable play-out workflow. Supplied system also offers many powerful features such as real-time database integration (RTic), channel design using Channel Composer, scheduled recording and many more. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Lattelecom_VS7000 Fri, 19 Oct 2012 13:50:52 +0300 Lattelecom adopts Thomson Video Networks' ViBE VS7000 for next-generation IPTV and multiplatform video services http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Lattelecom_VS7000 This summer, after an international tender for Lattelecom channel expansion project closed, the leading telecommunications company and internet service provider in Latvia opted for Thomson's ViBE VS7000 multi screen video platform to support new services. The 10RU system provides encoding for Lattelecom's new range of Web and mobile TV services as well as SD, HD and 3D IPTV offerings. Hannu Pro - Thomson Video Networks value added partner and leading broadcast systems integrator in the Baltic States - helped to bring this project to life, as well as provided installation and systems integration services. <br /> <br />"As we prepared to launch our new IPTV and multiplatform service offerings, we needed to upgrade our previous video encoding systems in order to provide our Web and mobile customers with the best-possible viewing experience. We also needed a cost-effective solution that could easily grow and expand with our business," said Maris Petrovskis, new technology head, Lattelecom. "With its superb image quality, simple operation, and maximum flexibility at a very reasonable price point, the ViBE VS7000 has easily exceeded all of our requirements. And, through Hannu Pro, we can count on local access to a high level of support and service." <br /> <br />Installed at Lattelecom's data centre in Riga, Latvia, the Thomson Video Networks ViBE VS7000 supports up to 30 new multiplatform video services representing a range of encoding profiles including SD, HD and 3D IPTV, Web, and mobile TV. Based on the success of the initial services, Lattelecom will expand the offering to include up to 100 Web and mobile TV channels in the near future. <br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPT_Aviwest Tue, 22 Oct 2013 16:11:03 +0300 Hannu Pro Tallinn supplies additional mobile transmission systems to Finnish Nelonen and MTV3 http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPT_Aviwest To assist mobile production Hannu Pro Tallinn supplied several AVIWEST DMNG systems to Nelonen and MTV3 in Finland. Nelonen, the second largest private broadcaster in Finland, upgraded its wireless transmission systems with another AVIWEST DMNG transmitter - most powerful DMNG PRO180. Now the company is able to send 2 simultaneous streams of audiovisual content to its production centre, what significantly improves news and programme production workflow allowing fast news updates directly from location. Nelonen's receiving server DMNG Studio is prepared for 4 input streams - thus the system is really future proof and ready to accommodate unexpected feeds from abroad. Moreover, AVIWEST is open providing DMNG transmitters rental for their clients all over the world, wherever hot news is happening. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_sponsors_en.html#HP_MI Thu, 26 Jan 2012 10:58:01 +0200 Hannu Pro supports LNMM and LMA co-project Maize. Identitate? http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_sponsors_en.html#HP_MI It is 10th time when 4th grade students of The Faculty of History and Theory of Arts at Art Academy of Latvia are organizing an exhibition based on selected theme as part of study process. These exhibitions include works from archives of Latvian National Museum of art. Contemporary artists also are involved. This year the theme of the project is related to contemplation about bread and identity found in the artists' works from 20th and 21st centuries. <br /> <br />Exhibition Maize. Identitate? (Bread. Identity?) will be open from January 26 till February 19 in Creative Workshop premises at LNMM exhibition hall Arsenals. Hannu Pro is among project supporters providing technical assistance.<br /><br />Additional information about this project available on Latvian National Museum of art home page<br />http://new.lnmm.lv/en/arsenals/info/explore/exhibition/2012/maize-identitate/<br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Aviwest Mon, 09 Sep 2013 09:26:55 +0300 AVIWEST wireless video transmission technologies being tested in Latvia http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Aviwest IBIS DMNG wireless video transmission over 3G/4G technology developed by AVIWEST is undergoing first tests in Latvia. In the middle of September AVIWEST representative visited Riga and in cooperation with AVIWEST local partner - Hannu Pro launched first system tests. IBIS DMNG (Digital Mobile News Gathering) is the world's first pocketsize mobile solution for newsgathering, supporting 3G and 4G network infrastructure or alternatively, when these networks are unavailable, video stream can be delivered through traditional Ethernet and WiFi networks or BGAN satellite system. This allows a quality signal transmission form outdoor or indoor events directly to the broadcast facility in cost effective way without using complex satellite transmission stations and OB VAN systems. AVIWEST system includes an IBIS DMNG transmitter unit and an IBIS Studio receiver-decoder and can be used for live recording, as well as live broadcasting on TV or Internet. Transmitter can be easily attached to any broadcast camera with HD/SD SDI out with embedded audio or professional camera with composite video and analogue audio outputs allowing up to 6Mbps and 1080i resolution CRB or VRB stream. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPT_TU Tue, 22 Oct 2013 16:12:14 +0300 Tartu University complements its production resources http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPT_TU In June a complete mobile production solution was delivered to University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. Supplied production system is built around Panasonic AV-HS410 multiformat HD production switcher and allows handling of up to 12 HD video feeds, and also includes Clearcom HME intercom system and Blackmagic Design HyperDeck studio recorders, all mounted into mobile production rack unit. At the same time Hannu Pro Tallinn delivered Lupolight and Ianiro lighting equipment, which will be installed at customers production facility as soon as construction works are finished. Earlier in May Hannu Pro also supplied to University of Tartu 2 large venue video projection systems from Barco valued more that EUR 50 000. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#AviWest_DMNG_PRO Fri, 15 Mar 2013 12:46:33 +0200 AVIWEST demos its latest developments across the Baltic States http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#AviWest_DMNG_PRO Last week AVIWEST teamed up with Hannu Pro to organize demonstration of latest DMNG PRO 3G/4G-LTE video up-link system in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. If you have further questions about AVIWEST video up-link solutions, please contact your local Hannu Pro representative.<br /><br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_company_en.html#kontakti<br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LNT_viasat Fri, 26 Sep 2014 13:19:11 +0300 LNT invests in new, highly effective replay system http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LNT_viasat In August, just right before new TV season launch, LNT - popular Latvian television company and a part of Viasat telecommunication network - made substantial upgrade of its broadcasting resources and opted for replay system solution developed by Hannu Pro. Hannu Pro solution is based on sophisticated replay system-all-in-one cost effective turnkey solution, ideally suitable for televisions and venues to provide dynamic television and sports programmes. Supplied system allows processing of up to 8 sources, including SDI support, and provides 2 separate outputs, as well as multiviewer functionality. It also can be geared with company's existing broadcast infrastructure or operated stand-alone, providing immediate replay from various viewing angles, slow motion replay, high quality broadcast graphics, and data exchange with social networks. Additionally Hannu Pro also supplied a compact ISDN mixer, Sennheiser headsets and a video monitor for visual monitoring. Project market value exceeds EUR 50 000. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#VideoDevices Fri, 26 Sep 2014 13:17:25 +0300 Sound Devices, LLC introduces new product brand - Video Devices http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#VideoDevices Sound Devices, specialists in audio and video production equipment, presents Video Devices, a new brand and identity for its line of video products. 'To reinforce and clarify our audio and video product lines, Sound Devices is focusing its video product efforts into a new brand identity, Video Devices. This new and separate brand will allow us to clearly define and tailor our video product portfolio specifically to video applications and markets,' says Matt Anderson, President of Sound Devices. 'While production sound equipment is our foundation and we continue to develop cool new audio gear, video production has become increasingly important for us. The Video Devices brand is a clear message to the industry that we are in this market for the long haul.' All future products, specific to video markets, will also be branded Video Devices. This is an important step in a focused strategy to make Video Devices a dominant force in the video production and video integration markets. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LTV_ALTO Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:47:32 +0300 Hannu Pro supplies DAC ALTO-II based storage solution to LTV http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LTV_ALTO Earlier this year LTV, Latvian State television, called a tender for storage solution supply. Hannu Pro won this tender offering a solution based on Disk Archive Corporation ALTO-II media library. In June Hannu Pro supplied complete, fully redundant, and modular plug-and-play archive system, including two 48-slot chassis, a server, disc drives, and a management application. Initial capacity of supplied archive system exceeds 200 TB or 5000 hours of content at 50 Mbit/s. LTV also opted for four annual system upgrades - 136 TB or 3000 hours of content at 50 Mbit/s each. Maximum planned archive capacity exceeds 2 PB. Hannu Pro delivered all equipment, provided system and component installation and set-up. Project market value reaches EUR 100 000. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#KlaipedaArena Mon, 28 Nov 2011 15:19:28 +0200 Hannu Pro develops video system for Klaipeda arena http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#KlaipedaArena Late spring Lithuanian company Juvara and Hannu Pro agreed on video system development for new sports arena in Klaipeda. Recently finished arena is located in the centre of city and constructed to accommodate basketball sports games for up to 5500 spectators and large entertainment events for up to 7500 visitors. To meet Juvara and Klaipeda arena requirements Hannu Pro developed allocation project for stationary cameras and the control room, which also hosts editing facility, as well as supplied all required equipment and installed cables and video network infrastructure. Video system of Klaipeda arena developed by Hannu Pro is based on: 4 Panasonic cameras providing SDI video with embedded audio; Cartoni tripods; a camera control unit AW-RP655; Grass Valley equipment - an Indigo mixer, a 2+1 channel video server (IDDR2 T2) and an Edius 6 video editing workstation; an Apantac Tahoma multiviewer system; 42" JVC monitors; as well as graphics system to provide rich graphics and dynamic titles. Additional studio equipment supplied includes: a Riedel Performer CR-2 Master Station intercom system; Soundcraft audio mixer and Yamaha MSP-3 monitors; and other equipment. Project is designed to support engagement of additional OB VAN as required when large events are held, and was implemented by Hannu Pro Vilnius and Hannu Pro Riga engineers team.<br /><br />»»» additional information about video systems development for Klaipeda sports arena - photo report<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_klaipeda_en.html http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#IBC2012 Mon, 01 Oct 2012 15:48:03 +0300 IBC 2012 hot topics - integration and future-proof software updates http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#IBC2012 IBC 2012 - the largest in Europe broadcast technology forum has closed. With number of visitors exceeding 50.5 thousand it was the best-attended event in IBC history. After returning from Amsterdam, where Hannu Pro management and engineers spent seven days having direct communication with representatives of leading broadcast equipment manufacturers, we have summed-up most notable news form our partners Grass Valley, Thomson Video Networks, Panasonic, Orad, Fujinon, Riedel and Lawo.<br /> <br />Grass Valley took the bold step revealing a product roadmap for the next three years that includes refreshing its entire product portfolio with a common, software-centric architecture that allows customers to pick the exact features and functionality of the cameras, production switchers and servers. New products to be introduced before 2014 will be format agnostic, will provide complete integration and support for 1080p 50/60 workflow.<br /><br />For additional information about new dewelopments revealed at IBC check our IBC 2012 news page<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_ibc2012_en.html http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Levira_SNG_LDX Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:48:16 +0300 Levira expands its OB capacity opting for new Grass Valley LDX cameras and Dyno S re-paly systems http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Levira_SNG_LDX Late 2014 Levira - major Estonian broadcaster and telecommunications provider - took decision to invest in satellite news gathering (SNG) system with the full outdoor broadcast support. Company asked Hannu Pro Tallinn for quotation to purchase number of high quality broadcast system cameras. Hannu Pro Tallinn prepared competitive offer and supplied 4 new Grass Valley LDX 80 Flex series fibre studio camera chains accompanied with K2 Summit server and a Dyno S SloMo slow motion and highlight re-play system, including ShareFlex content sharing option, supporting 6 inputs and 2 channel output configuration. During the first half of 2015 Levira accumulated a great deal of highly positive experience working with Grass Valley mobile production system on countless live transmissions including KHL, Estonian basketball league, VTB Finnish team games, BBL basketball league and more. Being satisfied Hannu Pro customer and Grass Valley technology user, this summer Levira opted for another Grass Valley K2 Summit and Dyno S re-play system to cover the upcoming broadcast season what will also include live events such as Railway Cup in Riga followed by Eurobasket and KHL. <br /><br />Photos - preparing for the HJK - Liverpool live transmission - http://www.hannu-pro.com/show_img/en/all_imagesxtra/all_news/levira_ldx+.html http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LVRTC3x Tue, 20 Aug 2013 13:35:18 +0300 Hannu Pro succeeds in a number of LVRTC tenders http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LVRTC3x During the first half of 2013 Hannu Pro successfully took part in several tenders called by Latvian State Radio and Television centre (LVRTC) and won rights to provide services and supply equipment. As agreed Hannu Pro will provide post warranty services and maintenance for Thomson's digital MPEG4 broadcast equipment, maintenance and repair services for microwave network equipment, supply new devices and equipment for microwave network, as well as provide patch panels, coaxial components, and test and measurement equipment for antenna and feeder systems. Recently Hannu Pro also took part in LVRTC's roadmap development for digital broadcasting transition for first Latvian public multiplex. According to legislative acts on January 1st, 2014 LVRTC will take over broadcasting of first public multiplex and will broadcast signals to whole territory of Latvia. In order to foster this transition cutting possible glitches to a minimum Hannu Pro engineers have engaged in consultancy partnership sharing their knowledge base to LVRTC employees. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ERRru Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:47:12 +0300 Hannu Pro to supply turnkey Studio and Production solution for the new ERR Russian speaking TV channel http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ERRru Earlier this year with a supporting decision from Estonian government ERR (Eesti Rahvusringhaaling) founded new ETV3 channel aimed to Russian speaking Estonian. With total budget of EUR 4 million ERR plans to create 20 hours a week content including in-house and licensed productions with possible voice-overs and subtitles. Following this decision ERR called a tender for appropriate technical solution.<br /> <br />Hannu Pro Tallinn and Riga teams worked together closely to develop the best technical offer backed with competitive financing from a third party. The tender closed in June and ERR announced Hannu Pro's solution as the winner. Hannu Pro solution covers all four parts of the project:<br /> <br />· production studio equipped with<br /> · highly efficient DeSisti studio LED lighting solution<br /> · 6 (six) Grass Valley LDX series studio camera chains with unique XCU 'cradle' allowing easy relocation of cameras between studio and OB van. LDX series are the only CMOS-FT cameras available on the market with built in Frame Transfer functionality eliminating rolling shutter<br /> · Grass Valley Karrera 2ME production switcher<br /> · Lawo mc2 36 audio console and V_PRO8 video/audio signal processing system<br /> · Grass Valley routers, modulars, and multi-viewers<br /> · Riedel intercom<br /> · innovative and cost effective Barnfind Technologies fibre transport solution<br /> · L-S-B Virtual Studio Manager system for complete studio equipment control, allowing quick set-up changes depending on program requirements<br />· news gathering - a number of ENG cameras with complete set of accessories; <br />· non-linear editing - five editing workstations and supporting studio equipment; <br />· regional production studio to prepare regionally targeted content http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HP2014 Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:46:58 +0300 Hannu Pro becomes an official Sennheiser partner and also sums up Q4 achievements http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HP2014 After analysing last year's quarter four results, Hannu Pro also summed Riga sales team achievements in regular video production projects segment. Solutions and equipment, including a high quality Angenieux OPTIMO 25-250mm cinematic lens; an Autocue teleprompter; an Alphatron camera crane (jib system); Blackmagic Design switchers and signal processing devices; RAID systems; numerous various brand 4K capable cameras equpped with supporting accessories to match customer requirements; play-outs; as well as surveillance systems and other tools totaling more than EUR 100 000, were supplied to the numerous customers in Latvia – companies of VTV group, Arkogints, Prieka Vests, Talsu Televizija, LNT, 4.vara, Laba Daba and many others. Supplies also included Sennheiser products. <br /> <br />Note, that Hannu Pro has become an official Sennheiser partner for Sennheiser Professional Audio, Sennheiser Professional Systems/Integrated Systems and Neumann product groups. For additional information about Sennheiser product availability please contact your Hannu Pro representative. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#PBK_upgrade Fri, 09 Dec 2011 08:47:12 +0200 PBK upgrades its play-out system http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#PBK_upgrade In August PBK (The First Baltic Channel) and Hannu Pro agreed on PBK's play-out system upgrade to extend its capabilities. During following months Hannu Pro supplied an upgrade option for Grass Valley Concerto router, what increased total number of routable SDI channels from 64x64 to 96x96; two Grass Valley Prelude control panels adding extensive control functionality for Concerto router directly from studio control room; a Guntermann & Drunck CATCenter NEO8 VGA matrix switch with unidirectional PC speaker audio expansion option supporting 8 users and 32 PCs; complete Thecus network area storage system (NAS) including 32TB file server; and an Actus Digital Actus View broadcast compliance recording system to monitor and record up to 4 SDI channels with embedded audio. Also supplied were a Panasonic video and audio mixer AG-HMX100EJ with multi-viewer and 3D effects functionality; number of professional LCD monitors and an IRD unit for Satellite signal reception. With its market value exceeding EUR 70 000 this upgrade project is part of PBK strategy for continuous investment in play-out systems modernisation to support flawless broadcasting to all three Baltic States. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#JRTV Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:46:15 +0300 Jordan Radio and Television Corporation updates its broadcast infrastructure with Grass Valley http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#JRTV In an effort to improve its overall broadcast infrastructure and dependability, the Jordan Radio and Television Corporation (JRTV) opted for 3G play-out system based on Grass Valley technology. The broadcaster purchased a solution that includes five 3G-ready K2 Summit transmission client servers for media recording and play-out capable of stand-alone or networked (SAN) operation; a number of Grass Valley EDIUS NLE systems supporting direct fibre connection to K2 Summit SAN; a Trinix 3G Jupiter controlled switcher with built in multiviewer support; and a 1+1 redundant Maestro master control system with DVE and broadcast graphics. All system operations are controlled by Pebble Beach Systems Marina automation system. Also supplied is a Pixel Power LogoVision broadcast graphics and channel branding system and an Interra Systems Baton automated file quality control system. Systems integrator AVC Al-Waseet, located in Amman, Jordan, and his partner, Hannu Pro of Latvia, are both supervising deployment process while Hannu Pro designed the system's technical project, developed layouts, provided equipment supplies, as well as carried out installation and configuration duties. Project market value exceeds EUR 2 million. The Jordan Radio and Television Corporation delivers a 24-hour Arabic broadcast as well as an English language service for 21 hours a day and a French language service for 13 hours a day. New investment will allow broadcaster to offer 3 additional TV channels.<br /><br />Complete project info - http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_jrtv_2015_en.html http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#BMCC Wed, 31 Jul 2013 10:11:53 +0300 Hannu Pro has launched Blackmagic Cinema camera sales http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#BMCC To meet the market demand, Blackmagic Cinema cameras providing high quality full HD (1080p) and 2.5K RAW images and video recording in to a solid state disk drive (SSD) now are included in Hannu Pro's professional production tools offer. Blackmagic Cinema camera incorporates 2.5K capable matrix and provides ultra wide dynamic range cinematographic images. Depending on the camera model Blackmagic Cinema cameras can be equipped with professional lenses of EF and ZE or MTF type bayonets. For detailed information about Blackmagic Cinema cameras, please, visit our showroom or contact our product manager. During second quarter of 2013 other tools for professional production showed notable demand as well. Lately for customers in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania Hannu Pro supplied six JVC GY-HM600 camcorders, which are extremely popular among producers of TV programmes, several Sony HDR-AX2000 camcorders, and also a number of iMAC and Dell workstations for video editing and production applications. Other notable deliveries include Lawo audio equipment for Latvian State television, as well as pair of bulk sales of tripods and TV camera pedestals with total market value exceeding EUR 45 000, and a number of Canon EOS series cameras for video production, which were supplied to various other customers.<br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Lattelecom_IPTV Mon, 28 Nov 2011 18:21:01 +0200 Lattelecom upgrades IP TV system providing additional HD channels http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Lattelecom_IPTV In June Lattlecom, leading telecommunications operator in Latvia, and Hannu Pro agreed on broadcast system delivery for Lattelecom's IP TV system upgrade. In Jule Hannu Pro supplied contracted equipment: a dual Thomson Video Networks RD5000 MPEG4 SD/HD receiver complete with SDI, ASI and AES options; several Thomson Video Networks DBD 4437 MPEG-2 SD IP decoders; two Thomson Video Networks ViBE EM3000 MPEG-4 HD encoders with licence for AAC/HE-AAC encoding; as well as Evertz SDI and ASI converters to support optical connection between Lattelecom's structural units located in different places. Hannu Pro service centre personnel installed all equipment and did required cabling. Thus this is a second project this year, where Hannu Pro service centre specialists provided network infrastructure installations for Lattelecom.<br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#EDU2 Wed, 31 Jul 2013 10:20:22 +0300 The second round of Hannu Pro manager training has concluded http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#EDU2 The second round of Hannu Pro manager training session took place in early July. During training Hannu Pro managers and service engineers extended their knowledge in project management including project cycle structure, risk analysis, project execution and supervision. Training was organized as two-day session. On the first day project managers learned theory and during the second day they put their recently gained knowledge into effect implementing a small test project. At the end of this training session managers analysed the results of the test project implementation and internal collaboration. Training clearly reached the aim and helped project managers to broaden their knowledge in project management. Training was organized in cooperation with the association Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and with the support of European Social Fund (ESF) and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#GVrs_baltic Fri, 09 May 2014 11:37:38 +0300 Hannu Pro organizes trans-Baltic GV STRATUS road show http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#GVrs_baltic At the end of March Hannu Pro in cooperation with Grass Valley organized extensive Baltic road show devoted to in-dept preview of Grass Valley GV STRATUS nonlinear content creation system. During the road show Grass Valley representatives Cees van Amerongens and Phil Myers disclosed the extensive feature list and workflow options of GV STRATUS non-linear production system to attendees - producers, directors, editors, journalists, and other creative professionals of Baltic television and production companies. Separate seminars for creative staff and technical personnel were held in each of the cities - Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius, keeping focus on specific workflow details.<br /><br />Check the .pdf document for detailed GV STRATUS information <br /><br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/all_products/grassvalley/all_docs/GV_Stratus.pdf http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#JVC_all Tue, 18 Feb 2014 10:09:24 +0200 JVC cameras maintain popularity in Baltic States http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#JVC_all After commencing broadcasts in Latvian national public multiplex from January 1, 2014, television of Ogre municipality took a decision to update its technical resources opting for JVC camera solution for programme production. Later, at the beginning of February Hannu Pro supplied to the broadcaster three GY-HM600 cameras. Earlier a number of similar production cameras were supplied to Valmiera municipality television and independent producers. JVC cameras are also in high demand in other two Baltic States - Estonia and Lithuania, where Hannu Pro supplied more than two dozens of GY-HM600 cameras last year. http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_3Dcam_en.html Mon, 28 Nov 2011 19:15:31 +0200 Professional camera tests - open door event in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_3Dcam_en.html On November 22-26, 2011 Hannu Pro Vilnius organizes open door event - tests of latest professional cameras. Similar event is due also in Tallinn.<br /><br />You are welcome to visit Hannu Pro Vilnius office (Seimyniskiu g. 1A, Vilnius, Lithuania), to test drive new Panasonic AG-HPX250EJ, AG-HPX371EJ, AG-AF101EJ and AG-3DA1 3D video camera, as well as JVC GY-HM150, GY-HM750 and GY-HMZ1 3D video camera. During demonstration session you will be able to use Grass Valley EDIUS 6 editing software to check your test shootings. EDIUS 6 also supports editing of 3D (stereo) video. To take part in this open door event, please call us in advance +370 68633799 or e-mail vilnius @ hannu-pro.com<br /><br />For information about camera demonstrations in Tallinn, please, contact Hannu Pro Tallinn office +372 5088511 or e-mail tallinn @ hannu-pro.com<br /><br />On agenda:<br /><br />Panasonic tapeless technology cameras:<br />AG-HPX250EJ <br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/all_products/pro/all_docs/AG-HPX250E.pdf<br />AG-HPX371EJ<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/all_products/pro/all_docs/AG-HPX371E.pdf<br />AG-AF101EJ<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/all_products/pro/all_docs/AG-AF101E.pdf<br />AG-3DA1EJ<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/all_products/pro/all_docs/AG-3DA1.pdf<br /><br />JVC tapeless technology cameras:<br />GY-HM750<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/all_products/pro/all_docs/GY-HM750E.pdf<br />HM-GY150<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/all_products/pro/all_docs/GY-HM150E.pdf<br />GY-HMZ1<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/all_products/pro/all_docs/GY-HMZ1.pdf<br /><br />Video editing system:<br />Grass Valley EDIUS 6<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/all_products/thomson/all_docs/EDIUS_6.pdf http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#BMD2015 Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:46:48 +0300 Blackmagic Design renews its product line-up http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#BMD2015 Blackmagic Design launches a great number of new products. Most important for Baltic market are new Cinema series cameras URSA 4.6K and URSA Mini. Both models are available in EF and PL mount versions and both can be equipped with brand new 4.6K super 35 sized image sensor capable of delivering 4608x2592@120fps video. Blackmagic Design also provides 4.6K sensor upgrade for previous URSA model owners. Along with URSA cameras also announced are super compact Blackmagic Micro Cinema and Blackmagic Micro Studio cameras targeted to dynamic content and studio production. <br /> <br />Another important announcement includes new range of Teranex Mini 12G-SDI signal converters supporting speeds of 12G without overheating for video standards up to 2169p60 in single BNC cable and video format conversion from SD to HD and Ultra HD. However most special about new Teranex Mini converters is new optional LCD equipped removable control panel, for complete on-board control and built in Ethernet for remote administration and Power via Ethernet support. New signal converters can also be easily racked using optional rack tray. There are 12 different Teranex models including six optical fibre models.<br /> <br />Aiming at studio production Blackmagic Design announced new ATEM 2ME Broadcast Studio 4K switcher, new HyperDeck Studio 12G, new routers with 12G support, ATEM Talkback converter, with tally support, as well as new Thunderbolt and PCI capture/playback interfaces and more.<br /> <br />Contact us for new Blackmagic Design product details! http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#IKSA Tue, 14 Aug 2012 16:15:12 +0300 Hannu Pro supplies equipment for newly developer IKSA research centre http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#IKSA Recently Riga Technical University called a tender to supply scientific equipment for newly developed cross-institutional Information, communication and signal processing technology research centre (IKSA-CENTRS) project, which is co-developed by Engineering Research Institute of Ventspils University - Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre, University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, Institute of Electronics and Computer Science and The Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Latvia with the aim to unite technology experts for various research tasks, such as mathematical modelling, quantum computing, development of artificial intellect, space research and others. At the end of July Hannu Pro was officially announced as the winner of this tender. According to specification, equipment delivery include: a solution based on Digital Rapids and Dell technologies to provide media management, storage, analysis, encoding and streaming in various formats for IP, DVB and mobile networks; silent (zero noise emitting) PCs for audio processing and analysis, professional mobile sound recording devices, as well as Grass Valley and Blackmagic Design SDI and HDMI signal converters. Market value of this European Regional Development Fund (ERAF) co-funded project reaches EUR 70 000. <br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_gv_edius_xgrade_en.html Tue, 29 Nov 2011 15:25:45 +0200 Hot Grass Valley offers for 2011 http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_gv_edius_xgrade_en.html In cooperation with Grass Valley Hannu Pro has prepared four exciting offers for video editors. Now you can purchase EDIUS 6 for half of its regular price, as well as acquire any of three mobility solutions for EDIUS 6 while saving up to EUR 700 of your expenses. The offer is only available through Dec. 31, 2011. Prices don't include local VAT (22%).<br /><br />EDIUS 6 CrossGrade offer<br />more than 50% off from list price!<br /><br />Send us acknowledgement that you are a legal owner of Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer software, and receive 50% discount when purchasing EDIUS 6! For additional details about EDIUS 6 check the .pdf document.<br /><br />EDIUS 6 CrossGrade price - EUR 299.00<br />EDIUS 6 list price - EUR 639.00<br /><br />Check Hannu Pro online store!<br />http://salons.hannu-pro.com/lv_shop_pro-video-tehnika_video-montaza_edius6-cg<br /><br />Grass Valley mobility solutions:<br />receive discount up to EUR 700!<br /><br />STORM Mobile MegaPack with EDIUS 6 - EUR 1099<br />save more than EUR 700 from list price - EUR 1799.00<br />STORM Mobile MegaPack without EDIUS 6 - EUR 999<br />save more than EUR 600 from list price - EUR 1599.00<br /><br />Mobile MegaPack includes: <br />· STORM Mobile external break out box<br />· PCI interface, to use STORM Mobile on your PC<br />· PCI Express interface, to use STORM Mobile on your laptop<br />· VisTitle PromoPack including VisTitle titler, Handwriting, Karaoke and 3D Particles plugins<br /><br />VisTitle PromoPack - 199.00 LVL<br />save more than EUR 300 from list price - EUR 516<br /><br />· VisTitle PromoPack including VisTitle titler, Handwriting, Karaoke and 3D Particles plugins<br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#NAB_2012 Fri, 18 May 2012 08:45:19 +0300 NAB 2012 - Grass Valley highlight technologies for today's competitive landscape http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#NAB_2012 During NAB 2012 Grass Valley continued showing to broadcasters and video production professionals how to work smarter and be more productive in all aspects of their business: by using software-based tools and tightly integrated systems that foster collaboration and resource efficiency. The exhibit was consistently crowded for three days in a row, with visitors from all around the world stopping in to have a look at how the new and existing Grass Valley products, systems, and solutions could help them streamline their operations and generate new types of content <br />and revenue.<br /> <br />The hit of the show: <br /> · STRATUS - service oriented architecture platform and media application framework to quickly and easily create programs and stories in studio and newsroom facilities - this will change the way how the content was produced and workload got shared across a number of different departments that used to work independently rarely collaborating on projects. It used to be that the tools defined the task. With STRATUS, the task defines the tools. <br /> <br />Other Grass Valley product highlights at NAB: <br /> · K2 Edge - integrated play-out system to bring together asset management, play-out management and advanced graphics all into one premium performance package <br /> · 3G Fiber-To-Triax Converter - key component for innovative 3G transmission system that lets LDK camera users work with either Triax OR fiber <br /> · LDK Connect Gateway - solution/bridge to provide remote control for LDK series cameras <br /> · K2 Dyno - replay system to bring sophisticated instant replay, slow-motion, and highlight creation to any production with control of up to eight SD or HD channels in various combinations of recording or playback <br /> · Karrera and Kayenne switchers - the centre of video production and most powerful switchers available for live studio and mobile productions <br /> · K2 Summit 3G server family for live events and production applications now incorporates proxy generation, new codecs and other features <br /> · LDK family of system cameras - providing picture quality that is unmatched by any other camera, multi-format or single-format, single speed or super slo-mo (or both), high-end or economical <br /> · EDIUS 6.5 - edit anything - non-linear editing software, which incorporates native RED support and an extensive new 3D workflow and much more <br /> · Trinix NXT - multiviewer system to optimize space by eliminating secondary, external components and connections, and is incredibly efficient, using less than 75 watts of power for 8 multiviewer outputs<br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#KTS_Dyno Thu, 19 Jul 2012 12:22:19 +0300 KTS invests in another Grass Valley Dyno system for its OB VANs http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#KTS_Dyno In June KTS (Kaunas Television Services ) - leading Baltic OB VAN service provider - started new procurement to upgrade its OB VAN systems. Hannu Pro supplied to KTS complete multi-channel Grass Valley Dyno/K2 Summit play-out and replay server system, as well as an Apantac HD multiviewer system. Now KTS owns two Grass Valley Dyno multi-channel play-out and replay systems. This emphasises company's determined strategy opting for world's best solutions for live production. KTS already had in use one Grass Valley Dyno system teamed with a Grass Valley LDK-8300 Elite Super SloMo broadcast camera for more than a year. During this preriod they undoubtly rated it as very effective and stable production solution. Market value of KTS OB VAN upgrade project reaches EUR 100 000. <br /> <br />The Grass Valley K2 Dyno replay system is a powerful, cost-effective application addressing the need for replay control and highlight generation in file-based live productions. Ideal for events such as sports productions and OB vans, the system is an efficient solution for replay in many environments such as studios, including the replacement of legacy tape-based operations. By implementing Gigabit Ethernet networking, common file wrappers, continuous FTP bandwidth, and standard IT storage connectivity, the K2 Dyno replay system works without costly software and hardware add-ons to manage and move content throughout production environments.<br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#KTS_Dyno_upgr Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:48:06 +0300 KTS purchases 3-rd Grass Valley Dyno S re-play system and upgrades two existing Dyno systems http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#KTS_Dyno_upgr On the eve of 2015 KTS, one of leading OB service providers in the Baltic States, went for their major live re-play and highlights system upgrade. Company already have had highly positive experience working with their Grass Valley K2 and Dyno systems, as well as long-term relationship with the systems integrator Hannu Pro, thus, to accomplish this task, KTS reached Hannu Pro - Grass Valley partner in Baltics. Soon after agreement was made Hannu Pro supplied to KTS: a Grass Valley K2 Dyno S Elite 6 simultaneous recording and 2 play-out channel configuration system with 2 new Dyno S re-play controllers allowing two slow motion operators working on complex dynamic scenes, as well as ShareFlex licenses allowing content sharing between Dyno systems. For the existing KTS systems Hannu Pro also provided: full upgrades for Grass Valley Summit 3G play-out servers and upgrades for the 1-st generation Dyno systems. This latest re-play system upgrade will allow KTS to get the best of what Grass Valley HD Solw Motion technology is capable of providing - superior quality for their outdoor broadcast productions. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LNK_GV2011 Mon, 28 Nov 2011 15:18:44 +0200 Lithuanian broadcaster LNK invests in new broadcast and ENG cameras http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LNK_GV2011 In June procurement organized by LNK (Lithuanian independent television) for purchase of new broadcast cameras ended with Hannu Pro victory. Hannu Pro proposal includes supply of 5 Grass Valley LDK 3000 HD TV broadcast cameras with integrated HD Wideband Triax support and equipment for automated control: a base station supporting HD and SD HQ outputs; master control panels (MCP) for all five cameras; and 7" HD LCD view finders supporting camera control functions such as menu control, focus assist, colour balance correction (independently from camera colour balance) and others. Also included for use on studio crane is a Grass Valley DMC 1000 multi-format tape-less camera, which, thanks to SD/HD outputs, REF and OCP/MCP support, can be effectively integrated into LNK studio setup. Market value of this project reaches EUR 300 000. This latest investment, which will provide high quality 16:9 SD and HD (in near future) programme production, is natural complement to the investment made in 2006 when LNK purchased six LDK 400 SD broadcast cameras for its production studio.<br /> <br />Simultaneously with broadcast camera procurement, Hannu Pro took part and won another LNK procurement to supply four ENG (electronic news gathering) cameras for LNK news department. Hannu Pro will supply two Panasonic AG HPX371EJ and two AG-HPX171EJ P2 series tape-less technology cameras, equipped with Fujinon lenses including and an additional Fujinon ZA17x7.6BRM-M QuickZoom technology HD lens. Market value of this second project reaches EUR 45 000. After completion of both projects LNK will be able to launch new broadcasting season with one of most sophisticated camera park in Baltic States.<br /><br />»»» a photo report about LNK studio upgrade project:<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_lnk_2011_en.html<br />»»» read official Grass Valley press release:<br />http://www.grassvalley.com/news/press/releases/view/1439-grass-valley-cameras-enable-lnk-move-to-hd-news<br />»»» read also complete TVB Europe news story here:<br />http://www.tvbeurope.com/main-content/full/lithuania-gears-up-for-high-def-transmissions<br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPV_pn_pr Tue, 18 Feb 2014 10:05:35 +0200 Hannu Pro Vilnius provides equipment for TV show and feature film production http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPV_pn_pr This summer to support production of the reality show Paslapciu namai Hannu Pro Vilnius supplied a EUR 20 000 worth Blackmagic Design signal processing, video capturing and output equipment for TV Manija. Supplied equipment was first used at the presentation of the new television show what was shot at Gariunai shopping area and broadcasted live on TV3. Later Hannu Pro Vilnius and ProRent, the leading Lithuanian professional production rental company, agreed on providing Sony CineAlta series PMW-F55 4K Digital Cinema camera fully equipped with all required accessories. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LNT_LDX Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:47:42 +0300 LNT invests in new Grass Valley LDX studio cameras http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LNT_LDX Earlier this year Latvian broadcaster LNT, a part of MTG Baltic network, called a price poll for studio camera system upgrade project. Hannu Pro submitted an offer based on state-of-the-art Grass Valley LDX studio cameras, which was most competitive and LNT opted for Hannu Pro solution. Soon after parties made the final agreement, Hannu Pro supplied five Grass Valley LDX Studio Triax Camera chains fully equipped with HD lens kits, and Vinten pedestals. <br /> <br />Thanks to unique technology allowing simultaneous read-out from image sensor (Xensium-FT - CMOS Frame Transfer), Grass Valley LDX series cameras provide highest possible quality for TV production ensuring wide dynamic range even in most complex lighting conditions. Frame transfer technology completely eliminates problems with rolling shutter - typical to traditional CMOS sensor cameras. Unique XCU 'cradle' system allows easy camera relocation among various production facilities. Implementing this studio camera purchase LNT TV production facility has become one of best equipped in Latvia, capable of delivering high quality broadcast productions also live from studio. Market value of such scale project exceeds EUR 400 000. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LNK_HD Thu, 19 Jan 2012 10:19:27 +0200 LNK steps into HD broadcasting http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LNK_HD LNK, the largest independent Lithuanian TV company, is pioneering again. The final of dance show series Kvieciu Sokti, transmitted on December 31, 2011, was the first nationwide HD broadcast of a home-grown Lithuanian show. This broadcast was partly possible also thanks to determined LNK investment strategy developing their business with transition to HD broadcasting in mind. Last year LNK opted for a number of fully equipped Grass Valley LDK 3000 HD TV broadcast cameras. Earlier Hannu Pro supplied also a complete HD ready turnkey solution for content production and play-out. Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre (LRTC) transmitted the show in HD over local DVB-T network. The programme was not scrambled and was accessible to viewers across the country, free of charge. Ricardas Kazlauskas, technical director of LNK, explained: "It was a New Year's gift to our loyal television audience. While enjoying the broadcast view, which was superior to the old one, they had a chance to assess future digital terrestrial television. And we tested and assessed our possibilities. This experience is important because we are considering when we will be able to broadcast the entire LNK in HD".<br /><br />Related news stories:<br />TVB Europe news<br />http://www.tvbeurope.com/main-content/full/lnk-lithuania-speeds-into-the-hd-era<br />Lithuanian broadcaster LNK invests in new broadcast and ENG cameras<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_lnk_2011_en.html<br />LNK news studio and archive development project <br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_lnk_2008_en.html<br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPT_Actus Tue, 22 Oct 2013 16:08:24 +0300 Hannu Pro Tallinn supplies Actus monitoring systems to Elion and Levira http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPT_Actus During the first half of 2013 Hannu Pro Tallinn was busy implementing a number of projects for broadcasters, television companies and educational institutions. At the beginning of the year Hannu Pro Tallinn supplied an advanced Actus compliance recording system to Elion - one of the largest telecommunications provider and the only IPTV operator in Estonia. Supplied system allows compliance recording of 3 TV channels directly via IP input option. In April Levira - Estonian State broadcasting company - opted for the expansion option for its Actus compliance recording system. Levira received another 10 HD licences for channel monitoring and compliance recording totalling the number of monitored channels to more than 20. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#TVBE Tue, 19 Mar 2013 13:25:51 +0200 TVBEurope interviews Hannu Pro http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#TVBE In March prominent broadcast technology magazine TVBEurope interviewed leading European System Integrators. On recently introduced Forums section journalist Philip Stevens sought the views on System Integration business and new technologies. During this interview Hannu Pro board member Kalvis Baunanis kindly shared his view on following questions: These are tough times economically. How has the SI business been affected? Have there been is major changes in the way you have been asked carry your work in recent years? We tend to think of Systems Integration as 'techie'. But do you have contact with production personnel - producers, directors, PAs - concerning what they look for in the 'ideal' studio or outside broadcast truck? What impact OTT, IPTV and other 'non-traditional' broadcast technology had on your business? Are there any areas of equipment design that you feel need more development to meet current demands? What future developments/innovations will there be from Systems Integrators?<br /><br />»»» read full interview on TVBEurope<br />http://content.yudu.com/A20lzz/March13/resources/16.htm<br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ChristieEE Fri, 26 Sep 2014 13:15:38 +0300 Hannu Pro supplies Christie digital projection equipment to Johvi concert hall http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ChristieEE A tender to supply digital cinema projector to Amadeus cinema at Johvi concert hall closed earlier this year with a Hannu Pro Tallinn victory. At the end of May Hannu Pro supplied to Johvi concert hall a new powerful video projector capable of providing high quality screenings in 144-seat venue with 10 meters large screen. Solution provided by Hannu Pro includes: a Christie CP2215 3-chip DMD DLP digital cinema projector (brightness up to 15000 lumens) with appropriate lens; an integrated GND SX-3000 media block featuring 3TB of redundant hot swappable storage; as well as a rigid support furniture with integrated two 19" rack compartments to support additional equipment. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#GVge Fri, 09 May 2014 11:40:22 +0300 Hannu Pro and Grass Valley organize technology road show in Georgia http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#GVge At the end of April Hannu Pro in cooperation with Grass Valley organized technology road show in Georgia. Grass Valley representatives Grigory Arzamastsev, Anton Doyneko side by side with Hannu Pro engineers, conducted an extensive two-day seminar programme, during which representatives of Georginan television and production companies were introduced to the latest Grass Valley developments for filming, dynamic programme production, and content creation. Demoed products included: software licence upgradeable LDX series broadcast cameras - LDX, LDX Compact, as well as an 6x Ultra Slow Motion camera; a GV Director - non-linear production platform; and a GV STRATUS content creation system along with integrated K2 Summit 3G servers and K2 DynoS replay/slow motion system. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Starman Fri, 24 Aug 2012 12:47:11 +0300 Starman expands their Bridge Technologies installations http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Starman Starman - Estonian largest cable television operator - recently made significant signal monitoring system upgrade. Late December 2011 Hannu Pro supplied to Starman several modules of Bridge Technologies DVB-C modular units for system tests and evaluation. Company was entirely satisfied with the results of system tests and shortly after ordered complete monitoring system to monitor signals on its whole network. "We started out with a few Blades as a trial and we were truly impressed with overall system so we decided to expand it to full network" - said Kristjan Koiv - the network manager at Starman. This signal monitoring solution will help company to ensue that their broadcasted signals meet highest standards and are delivered to subscribers with no interruptions. Project market value exceeds EUR 100 000. <br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HP_ThomsonVAR Mon, 28 Nov 2011 18:25:57 +0200 Hannu Pro enrols in Thomson Video Networks VAR program http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HP_ThomsonVAR On IBC2011 forum, which took place in Amsterdam at the beginning of September, Thomson Video Networks announced that long-term business partner Hannu Pro has now become a Value Added Reseller (VAR), distributing and supporting the entire Thomson Video Networks product line in the Baltic States, and in selected Eastern Europe countries. Thomson Video Networks' new VAR program is designed for experienced head-end distributors who aim to develop their integration and customer services. The VAR acts as a qualified integrator and the first level of support. "During our cooperation in many successful projects, Hannu Pro has demonstrated a high degree of expertise and a strong commitment to excellent customer service," said Eric Louvet, vice president of worldwide sales and services for Thomson Video Networks. "This new step in partnership is a natural development of our positive relationship to date, and as an organization, Hannu Pro shares so many of the values needed for our VAR program." Thomson Video Networks provides broadcasters with a premium viewing experience across all networks, to all devices. For more than fifteen years, the company has driven the digital television revolution forward with its advanced compression and content delivery platforms. The award-winning Thomson product range is used by the world's major broadcasters and prized for the superior video and audio quality it delivers to all platforms, from large 3D screens to handheld mobile TV devices.<br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Leica_Summicron Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:46:27 +0300 Hannu Pro Vilnius supplies brand new Leica Summicron-C lens set to Prorent http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Leica_Summicron At the end of 2014 Hannu Pro Vilnius supplied the first in Baltic States state-of-the-art Leica Summicron-C six lens set to Prorent - Lithuanian professional production equipment rental house with a focus on filming equipment rental, including: cameras, accessories, lights and sound recording equipment. Leica Summicron-C set offers six new PL mount T2.0 prime lenses: 18, 25, 35, 50, 75 and 100 mm with distortion-free geometry. These lenses are an affordable alternative to Summilux-C series and provide incredible performance that matches or exceeds the competition, with full coverage up to and including the RED dragon sensor. Prorent plans to offer new lenses mainly with Sony F55 - exceptional 2K/4K production camera, which Hannu Pro Vilnius supplied earlier. Project market value reaches EUR 73 000. http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_all_GrassValley_en.html#GV_Edius3D_training Thu, 12 Jan 2012 12:24:01 +0200 EDIUS 3D - free video training http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_all_GrassValley_en.html#GV_Edius3D_training EDIUS beta tester Al Caudullo offers eight EDIUS 3D video training sessions free of charge. Topics cover: project organization, import and adjustment of stereoscopic video, multi-camera editing, titles, effects and more. For details, please, check 3dguy.tv<br /><br />http://3dguy.tv/exclusive-grass-valley-edius-3d-training/ <br /><br />Part 1 - creating and organizing your project<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmxZOKyyS_c&feature=related<br />Part 2 - source browser, importing clips, and setting up stereoscopic pairs (Panasonic AG3DA1)<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFTzkNtzB7s&feature=related<br />Part 3 - setting up stereoscopic pairs (Sony TD10E and Nano Flash 3D)<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tb8mVpjqVs&feature=related<br />Part 4 - setting up stereoscopic pairs (GoPro 3D) and adjusting GoPro 3D<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCaYvci0wEE&feature=related<br />Part 5 - stereoscopic adjuster and layouter<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFTeQT0TKks&feature=related<br />Part 6 - stereoscopic mode and floating stereoscopic window<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9ur8ck9Ce8&feature=related<br />Part 7 - multicam and exporting your project<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BzWYwIO6nU&feature=related<br />Part 8 - quick titler, filters, and effects<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg101rrtrE4&feature=related<br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#TallinnaTV_12 Wed, 11 Jul 2012 15:00:57 +0300 Tallinna TV expands its technical ability with Hannu Pro http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#TallinnaTV_12 Earlier this year Hannu Pro Tallinn toghether with financing company Fusion IM won a tender for Tallinna TV's major broadcast and production system expansion project, which offers significant improvement in programme production and playout by adding many new features to streamline production workflow. Hannu Pro delivered equipment for Tallinna TV playout and studio upgrade, as well as for mobile production facility. Project includes: a Grass Valley Kayak HD 100C production switcher; a Grass Valley K2 Summit server and Dyno replay system - world's top solution for live broadcasting; 1+1 redundant Grass Valley K2 Edge play-out server; a Grass Valley EDIUS Storm 3G Elite system for efficient high quality video editing; as well as 2ME production switcher to serve broadcaster's mobile production unit; a number of Apantac multiviewers; a complete Riedel intercom system; Panasonic AW-HE120 cameras for press-room equipped with AW-RP50 control system; and various accessories such as Cartoni fibre tripods and Ianiro light kits, batteries, signal converters for tally and intercom option and SWIT LCDs and other equipment for ENG cameras. Project market value exceeds EUR 400 000. Tallinna TV is still the only Baltic local channel makining regular broadcasts in HD format.<br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#MTG_Isilon Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:47:56 +0300 Hannu Pro provides storage upgrade for MTG Riga POC http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#MTG_Isilon Earlier this year MTG (Modern Times Group - International entertainment network) took advantage of EMC trade-in program to upgrade storage infrastructure at its Riga play-out centre (POC). To accomplish this project MTG chose Hannu Pro - its valued partner for system integration. Hannu Pro supplied number of EMC Isilon X200 NAT storage units bundled with software, SSD drives and other required accessories. MTG also opted for 5 years enhanced support. Hannu Pro provided systems installation, testing and configuration - to prepare installed equipment for flawless operation. Market value of such project reaches EUR 300 000. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ChristieEE Fri, 09 May 2014 11:49:17 +0300 Christie proudly supports HOFF 2014 film event in Estonia http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ChristieEE At the end of April an alternative film event HOFF 2014 took place in Haapsalu, Estonia. Christie - worlds leading visual solutions provider - teaming with its local partner Hannu Pro Tallinn, supported the festival, providing technical assistance to Estonian rental company Avision, which was in charge of video projection. With the support of Hannu Pro Tallinn an excellent Christie Solaria One DCI compliant movie projector unit was supplied to Avision. With its S2K (2048x1080 pixels) 3-chip DMD Cinema DLP technology and light emission of 8000 lumens (within DCI colour space) Solaria One is ideal and affordable solution for digital movie and advertisements projection in small and medium size venues. Solaria One capable of displaying DCI or local content, supports 3D and high frame rate MPEG2/H.264, as well as features Christie IMB content module built in. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ZK_Cabrio Fri, 09 May 2014 11:35:03 +0300 Fujinon responds to 4K-market growth with new Cabrio series http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ZK_Cabrio As the 4K-market blossoms and camera manufacturers hasten launching newer and more affordable cameras, Fujinon offers new ZK-Series (Cabrio) lenses to meet the demand for 4K productions. Fujinon's 4K ZK-Series (Cabrio) lenses use of the 'three moving zoom group' system, which minimizes aberration fluctuation during zooming, controls image distortion across the zoom range while delivering edge-to-edge sharpness to enable video production at premium image quality. The mounting of the digital drive unit enables the remote control of zooming, focusing and iris (aperture) adjustment. The availability of the Zoom Rate Demand and Focus Position Demand controls means the lens offers the operability equivalent to conventional television camera lenses, making it ideal for shooting sports events, movies, commercials, dramas or live TV show productions. For detailed information about the latest Fujinon developments, please, contact your local Hannu Pro representative. <br /><br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_company_en.html http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ISLB Fri, 29 Jun 2012 10:33:31 +0300 Lithuanian ISLB opts for Grass Valley EDIUS NLE http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ISLB Lithuanian International School of Law and Business (ISLB/TTVAM) opted for Grass Valley EDIUS nonlinear video editing solution for its newly developed laboratory of visual communication. Hannu Pro Vilnius supplied to ISLB 15 complete packages of EDIUS 6 nonlinear video editing software. Now students of International School of Law and Business will have hands-on experience with the same professional video editing tools, which have became a standard in TV programme and news production. ISLB visual communication laboratory development project, which was implemented in partnership with EIT Sprendimai, also includes a number of PC workstations and other software tools.<br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_LDX_Dyno_en.html Thu, 13 Jun 2013 17:23:23 +0300 Grass Valley LDX and Dyno S roadshow has concluded http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_LDX_Dyno_en.html With the introduction of new Grass Valley LDX series broadcast cameras and Dyno S replay system Hannu Pro and Grass Valley organized a special roadshow for Baltic broadcasters and content producers. Informative events were held in Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius from June 4 to 6. Rien van Trotsenburg - senior product specialist for cameras at Grass Valley, and Kalvis Baumanis - Hannu Pro board member showed off the latest Grass Valley developments and provided detailed information about LDX series cameras and Dyno S replay system features, as well as answered questions. Attendees were able to test supplied equipment and express their interest and opinions. Events were spent successfully and helped passing relevant information about the latest technologies to decision makers and engineers of leading broadcasters in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.<br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Jogeva Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:47:22 +0300 Hannu Pro supplies another Christie based cinema system http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Jogeva Earlier this year another Estonian local authority organized procurement to purchase high quality projection equipment for their culture centre. Hannu Pro Tallinn took part and won this tender and supplied to Jogeva municipality the state-of-the-art Christie CP2215 digital cinema projector capable of providing 15 000 lumen to the screen sized up to 15 m. Hannu Pro also supplied a Christie Integrated Media Block (IMB) - DCI compliant decryption module, an Xpand 3D system to provide full support for 3D cinema, and appropriate sound systems. Project market value reaches EUR 50 000. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPT_GV Fri, 15 Mar 2013 12:48:36 +0200 Hannu Pro takes part in Grass Valley image acquisition device training session http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#HPT_GV In December Grass Valley organized a special indepth training session for it's image acquisition produt line - LDK and LDX series cameras. Training took place in Breda, Netherlands. A group of nine camera support engineers from several companies and different countries (Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Estonia, Ukraine and Croatia) spent four days at Grass Valley Engineering centre learning indepth features of both Grass Valley LDK and the new LDX broadcast cameras. Pent Annert - General Manager of Hannu Pro Tallinn also took part in this training session. Training was organized with te aim to strengthen the technical knowledge and foster skills of engineers providing local technical support for Grass Valley imaging product customers. Training was conducted by Jan Paul Campman - Grass Valley Technical Trainer.<br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_sponsors_en.html#LK20 Fri, 20 Apr 2012 10:47:13 +0300 Hannu Pro supports Latvian National Film Festival http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_sponsors_en.html#LK20 Latvian National Film Festival Lielais Kristaps celebrates its 25-th anniversary this year. Festival is organized by Latvian Association of Cinematographers and is also supported by Hannu Pro who provided a professional high quality 40" video monitor, computer equipment and a special prize for one festival movie. A record number of 87 movies were submitted to the festival this year and 40 of them were selected to participate in nomination procedure at 23 nominations. An expert teams constituted by professional cinematographers organizations including Latvian Film Producers Association, Latvian Guild of Cinematographers, Latvian Film Artist Guild and FIPRESCI Latvija made initial movie selection. Next, during the festival, an international jury judged all nominated films to pick the winner for each of nominations, which received Lielais Kristaps - the most respectable award of Latvian cinematography.<br /> <br />Lielais Kristaps for the best movie was awarded to Golfa straume zem ledus kalna (director Jevgenij Paskevic), Dokumentalists (director Ivars Zviedris) received award for the best documentary and Gints Berzins also received award as best cameramen (Amaya, Golfa straume zem ledus kalna). A special Hannu Pro award was awarded to the authors of the best documentary up to 65 minutes - film Kâ tev klâjas, Rûdolf Ming.<br /><br />Detailed festival information is available at official festival website<br />http://lielaiskristaps.org/<br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#AviWest_LR Fri, 18 May 2012 08:48:08 +0300 Aviwest's wireless video transmission technology introduced also in Lithuania http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#AviWest_LR Last year Hannu Pro organized extensive Aviwest IBIS DMNG tests in Baltic States. Fully working system was demoed to Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian TV companies. After analyzing IBIS DMNG system tests results and following two Estonian and one Finish broadcaster, Lietuvos Rytas - the leading news channel in Lithuania - also opted for Aviwest's wireless video transmission solution. In April Hannu Pro Vilnius supplied to Lietuvos Rytas a complete IBIS DMNG system consisting of one IBIS DMNG transmitter and one receiving server. The system allows effective transmission of broadcast quality video over 3G/4G, WiMAX and traditional IP networks (wireless WiFi and wired Ethernet). <br /> <br />No doubt, broadcasters are showing massive appeal to Aviwest wireless transmission technology, which was intensively used to cover French presidential elections. More than 40 units wirelessly generated several hundreds of live reports over the weekend. Most French TV Channels used Aviwest's IBIS DMNG system to cover the 1st round of the elections: the 3 main news TV channels, i.e. TF1, i>Tele and BFM TV, as well as some others like La Chaine Parlementaire or AFP (French news agency) - even the Socialist Party itself. International TV channels were also on-site using the DMNG: Al Jazzera English, TV2 Denmark and Nova TV (Bulgaria). <br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ERR_VSM Wed, 12 Aug 2015 17:46:37 +0300 Hannu Pro delivers sophisticated VSM system to ERR http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ERR_VSM Last year acting as L-S-B local partner Hannu Pro Tallinn delivered a sophisticated Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) system to Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) for their IRIS OB VAN. ERR has already been live on air with the new VSM system, covering the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying match between Estonia and England and FIS skiing world cup in Otepaa, Estonia. <br /> <br />The VSM installation ties together and adds a control layer on top of all key equipment in the OB VAN. This includes Evertz and Avitech multi-viewers, Grass Valley video mixer, router, and cameras, Lawo audio mixer router and other equipment. Open, scalable architecture allows system expansion controlling components such as Riedel intercom system or Grass Valley K2 video servers, as well as other equipment, which ERR might purchase in future. ERR senior engineer in charge Toomas Oigus described the system as 'so big with so many possibilities; we are extremely happy'. <br /> <br />VSM is a complete user configurable-system, meaning engineers can manage and prepare configurations both on and off line for productions. It brings together everything under one roof - user panels and interfaces can be configured without limitation to meet the requirements of different workflows and applications, while the whole system is under redundant control of vsmStudio server application.<br /> <br />Supplied VSM system was designed, adapted and configured in close cooperation with L-S-B and ERR.<br /><br />Read also SVG Europe article - http://svgeurope.org/blog/headlines/err-estonia-goes-live-with-l-s-b-vsm-for-uefa-european-championship-qualifier/ http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#NECipasoEX Fri, 16 May 2014 11:48:55 +0300 Latvian LVRTC tests the latest iPasolink technology http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#NECipasoEX LVRTC (Latvian State Radio and TV Centre) commenced testing the latest iPasolink millimetre wave radio systems at the beginning of May. Hannu Pro supplied to LVRTC iPasolink EX units, which allows true Gigabit high-speed transmission. The solution is ideally suited for mobile backhaul 4G (LTE/WiMAX) small cell deployment, while also work equally well in core network access or transport applications in dense urban areas. iPassolink EX provides the following advantages: full speed GbE and more capacity (3.2Gbps [with XPIC 2 + 0]), high spectrum efficiency, QPSK to 256QAM adaptive modulation, zero footprint, low power consumption and more. LVRTC currently carries out laboratory tests. Complete outdoor tests are planned later. For additional details, please, contact your local Hannu Pro representative. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#JVC_650 Fri, 27 Oct 2017 13:34:31 +0300 Hannu Pro commences new JVC GY-HM650 camera sales http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#JVC_650 At the beginning of February Hannu Pro began sales of new JVC GY-HM650 camera and now everyone is welcome to contact us by phone +371 67452206 or email sales@hannu-pro.com to arrange the test drive. JVC cameras are well received by television companies and production houses and new GY-HM650 camera is not an exception. It is equipped with innovative wireless transmission solution supporting WiFi and 4G wireless networks and allows content streaming to base station server directly from the location as long as appropriate networks are available. This is especially beneficial in news production, where fast content delivery from the location to production studio is critical. For detailed information about new GY-HM650, please, contact your local Hannu Pro representative. http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_ibc2013_en.html Tue, 18 Feb 2014 10:07:53 +0200 Grass Valley launches several new products at IBC and receives CSI award http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_ibc2013_en.html During IBC 2013, the international broadcast technology forum, Grass Valley announced several new developments.<br /> <br />Most notable of them a new line-up of LDX series cameras - LDX 80 Compact series camera heads offering offers the same feature set, format support and performance and uses the same C2IP camera control system as the LDX range, which offers unparalleled image quality, flexibility and efficiency, but at a lower price.<br /> <br />At the forum Grass Valley announced yet another completely new development - CommandCenter software application, designed with advanced functionality to configure, control, monitor, and diagnose a range of broadcast infrastructure devices on-site or remotely.<br /> <br />Grass Valley offers many other new development such as: the latest version of GV STRATUS, its widely used nonlinear media production tool, which just won prestigious CSI award, K-Frame software update; new ShareFlex network collaboration functionality for K2 Dyno replay system; EDIUS 7 - new version of popular video editing and production software version; updates for GV Edge platform; extended format support for K2 Summit server systems; and GV Director innovative nonlinear live production system with integrated multiviewer support.<br /><br />»»» read complete story<br />http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_ibc2013_en.html http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LMA_rail Wed, 08 Aug 2012 17:37:09 +0300 Hannu Pro supplies production equipment for Latvian Academy of Arts http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#LMA_rail In July, according to the results of recently called tender for studies quality improvement, Hannu Pro delivered production equipment to the Latvian Academy of Arts. This large procurement project is co-funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERAF), and is aimed to purchase equipment to streamline process of studies at the Latvian Academy of Arts. In compliance with the section Stationary Studio support and rail set Hannu Pro supplied a studio camera support and a mobile modular rail set with total length up to 15 meters, as well as appropriate flight cases allowing convenient transportation of the rail modules. Market value of supplied equipment reaches EUR 15 000. <br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_all_GrassValley_en.html#GV_Edius3D Fri, 30 Dec 2011 10:18:12 +0200 EDIUS now includes complete 3D toolset - test it for free! http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_all_GrassValley_en.html#GV_Edius3D Grass Valley has unveiled a powerful 3D toolset for its EDIUS multiformat nonlinear editing software and has added 3D support for editing peripherals that provides users with a complete stereoscopic 3D postproduction workflow. The STORM 3G and STORM 3G Elite editing platforms - are both supported via the EDIUS timeline with stereoscopic 3D I/O through a single 3G SDI source and/or dual 3G SDI signals. ADVC 3G, HDSPARK, HDSPARK Pro, HDSTORM, HDSTORM PLUS, and STORM Mobile also support side-by-side and top/bottom stereoscopic video monitoring.<br /> <br />The new 3D support includes: native support for 3D video clips captured with the most popular 3D cameras; easy clip pairing for synching left eye/right eye clips; 2D-to-3D conversion capability; and a array of tools right on the editing timeline that make 3D adjustments - to compensate for mistakes in shooting - fast (with no transcoding necessary) and easy. Also functions available in 2D are also supported in 3D, such as realtime color correction, keyer, transitions and multicam editing. Following formats are supported for automated import - 3DA1 (Panasonic), 3DP2 (Panasonic), and MVC (Sony, Panasonic, and JVC).<br /> <br />A 30-day preview version of EDIUS, that supports this 3D functionality will be available online as a free download for testing purposes until March, 2012. You need to register to download EDIUS 3D. Note: it is not recommended that you install preview version over your current EDIUS production environment. <br /><br />http://www.grassvalley.com/products/edius_3d_preview<br /><br />New 3D Toolset and Features<br />The new 3D features of the EDIUS 3D preview version software include:<br />· 3D clip native support<br />· 3D clip pairing<br />· 3D clip adjustment, including automatic convergence adjustment<br />· 3D preview monitoring<br />· 3D multi-camera editing<br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_all_GrassValley_en.html#Edius7 Wed, 31 Jul 2013 10:25:27 +0300 Grass Valley introduces EDIUS 7 - the next version of its popular editing software http://www.hannu-pro.com/info_all_GrassValley_en.html#Edius7 Grass Valley introduces new EDIUS 7 - native 64-bit video editing software for Windows 7/8 64-bit systems and MAC systems with Parallels installed. EDIUS 7 supports third-party I/O hardware including Blackmagic Design, real-time multi-track editing of 4K videos, and editing of different file formats and resolutions. It is available in two versions: EDIUS Pro 7 for stand-alone users and EDIUS Elite 7 for networked editing environments. EDIUS Elite 7 includes all features of EDIUS Pro 7 plus direct access to Grass Valley K2 for video editing-in-place, K2 Clip Capture supporting K2 SAN workflow, Simul Edit (simultaneous editing of live ingested video) and interchange of GV STRATUS clips and sequences. Users can easily upgrade from Pro to Elite. http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#GV_Director Fri, 15 Mar 2013 12:49:39 +0200 Grass Valley announces new revolutionary developments http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#GV_Director NAB - the annual broadcasting technology forum is due in April in Las Vegas. Grass Valley has already announced some exciting products, which mark new horizons for further developments and take content production (image acquisition and mixing) to the next level.<br /> <br />Most notable of new Grass Valley developments are GV Director - an integrated non-linear production system, a reinvented video mixer and production switcher, offering new approach to content production and innovative user interface; LDX Flex - new affordable addition to LDX series broadcast cameras, providing basic image acuisition functionality (1080i or 720p support), with wide software licence upgrade options, allowing to upgrades to full LDX Premiere, LDX Elite or LDX WorldCam functionality; XCU - new exchangeable camera base station to remotely control LDX and LDK series broadcast cameras and support signal flow up to 3Gbps, which also, thanks to modular cradle design, allow flexible mobile re-connections to the racks according to the production needs; new version of the Stratus advanced production platform, as well as other storage and multi-viewer solutions. Stay tuned for more.<br /><br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Riedel_Levira_ERR Tue, 04 Sep 2012 13:25:20 +0300 Levira and ERR choose Riedel systems for intercom solution http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#Riedel_Levira_ERR Riedel has quickly established as number one intercom solutions provider in Baltic broadcast market. During this summer Levira, the leading broadcast network operator and multimedia services provider in Estonia, complemented their digital HD satellite newsgathering facility (SNG) with Riedel Performer 32+16 modular intercom system. ERR, Estonian public broadcasting, also opted for Riedel intercom solution for their newly developed studio. ERR already has accumulated positive experience with Riedel systems installed on its IRIS OB VAN. "I believe it was easy decision for Levira to choose Riedel as intercom solution provider, but finding the right configuration was more sophisticated work for us" - says Pent Annert, the project manager at Hannu Pro in Tallinn working closely with Levira. Riedel intercom solutions meet the highest standards and have best user interface in their class. Broadcasters, which choose Riedel solutions benefit from great support and shorter introduction times. Since Riedel intercoms have became a standard, broadcasters can also cooperate and exchange knowledge, what helps them to save maintenance costs.<br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ERR_GV2012 Thu, 19 Jul 2012 12:23:33 +0300 ERR unifies workflow with Grass Valley technology while launching new studio and gearing-up for London Olympic games http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#ERR_GV2012 Late spring ERR (Estonian public broadcasting) called a tender to equip newly developed production studio with HD compatible production systems. Taking into account ERR's deep and highly positive experience with Grass Valley LDK HD cameras and Kayak HD switchers installed in other ERR's studios and IRIS HD OB VAN - most advanced in Baltic States, ERR made a decision to expand their LDK camera line-up and opted for Grass Valley technology based production system solution proposed by Hannu Pro Tallinn. <br /> <br />With unified workflow, which relies on Grass Valley Kayak HD Vision mixers and Grass Valley LDK-8000 Elite broadcast cameras, ERR was able to ensure interoperability and compatibility between their other production studios and OB VAN thus reducing set-up and maintenance costs, at the same time delivering best possible HD pictures to their viewers. Supplied equipment and systems include 7 complete Grass Valley LDK 8000 Elite series HD broadcast camera chains, Grass Valley Kayak HD200C production switcher's and a world's top class Grass Valley Dyno HD replay system based on K2 Summit 3G server technology to streamline live production workflow. ERR will use Dyno/K2 Summit 3G system also to record live feeds directly from Olympic games in London, prepare sports programs and stories, and play live streams on-air in Estonia. This workflow insures quickest possible program production turnaround and helps saving drastically on costs while delivering live content to Tallinn. In June Hannu Pro completed equipment delivery and studio was brought into operation, providing broadcaster to right tools to produce local content more effectively both in SD and HD formats. Market value this project approximates to EUR 1.6 million and this also includes service agreement to receive latest updates and service.<br /><br />Read also official Grass Valley press release<br />http://www.grassvalley.com/news/press/releases/view/1671-estonias-err-to-provide-live-coverage-of-the-london-games-with-grass-valley<br /> http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#MPS_sales_leader Fri, 19 Oct 2012 13:49:00 +0300 Hannu Pro receives Grass Valley acknowledgement again http://www.hannu-pro.com/hp_main_papildinfo_en.html#MPS_sales_leader IBC 2012, the largest broadcasting technology forum in Europe, has closed and Grass Valley now summed up the annual sales figures. This year Hannu Pro made it again receiving Grass Valley acknowledgement for top sales results in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region in MPS (media play-out system) sales category. Grass Valley media play-out systems include such products as K2 Edge, TX MAM, Cobalt, Channel Composer and others. <br /> <br />Congratulations to Hannu Pro team for hard and yet productive work!