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Hannu Pro implements multimedia project for Latvijas Banka
in cooperation with partners


Latvijas bankas pateicības raksts
Photo - Latvijas Banka

In 2018 Latvijas Banka - the central bank of Latvia went for a planned reconstruction of "Money World" - an interactive centre for financial education and information. As the result the information centre now has completely new exhibition, which interactively provides comprehensive information for everyone interested in money policy, use, and history to raise public awareness of the ways money is circulated and of its importance in the economy. Cooperating with Mellis grupa - the main contractor and one leading Latvian exhibition and design agency - Hannu Pro made substantial investment providing interactivity solutions for the exhibition. This included multimedia equipment supplies, multimedia equipment and systems installation, cabling, and coding of applications for interactive stands. Total cost of reconstruction of interactive centre reaches eur 800 000.

Detailed information about interactive centre Money World at Latvijas Banka is available on Money World website. One can also visit the centre at following location 2A Krisjana Valdemara, Riga

Latvijas bankas pateicības raksts

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