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Hannu Pro provides video monitoring for new KTS OB VAN


In September KTS (Kauno Televizijos Servisas) - the largest Lithuanian outdoor broadcast service provider, completed a price poll for a multiviewer monitoring system for its newly developed OB VAN and opted for a solution provided by Hannu Pro. Hannu Pro was able to quickly prepare such a competitive offer thanks to its continued experience developing OB VAN solutions for Baltic broadcasters: LTV Laura; LTV OB VAN with satellite uplink; Levira OB VAN; and the new ERR HD OB VAN, currently the most advanced in the Baltic States. The KTS monitoring solution is based on Apantac Tahoma and Avitech Rainier series multiviewers, capable of serving up to 32 video sources and 70 GPI streams, and includes four high-quality professional 42" JVC GM-F420S monitors. The system allows simultaneous visual monitoring of all inputs, while maintaining a compact size, which is essential when installed in a space limited facility such as an OB VAN. This solution was developed as a part of KTS OB VAN park upgrade project and its market value approximates EUR 20 000.

KTS OB VAN is ready to broadcast


KTS OB VAN with Apantac multiviewer systemApantac multiviewer system configuration


KTS OB VAN with video monitoring
solution supplied by Hannu Pro
is now ready to broadast.


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