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Overview of Grass Valley NAB 2011 news

Grass Valley NAB 2011 news

NAB 2011 - an international broadcasters forum - took place in Las Vegas April 11-24. Hannu Pro representatives also took part in this forum to sum up the latest news, which Grass Valley and other manufactures announced during the event:

 · Grass Valley announces Stratus, a new, tightly integrated modular software platform that supports every part of the content creation and distribution lifecycle through a common graphical user interface. Stratus redefines collaborative workflows for enterprise-level productivity and allows producers and managers to make specific tasks fast and easy to perform by virtually any pre-authorized member of their staff;
 · The Grass Valley highly anticipated new line of conversion tools in its ADVC product range is now available and will begin shipping following NAB 2011. The four new ADVC G-series converters are self-contained and offer a number of premium features, such as frame synchronization, 3D stereoscopic signal conversion, and true 1080p capability with 3Gb/s SDI at a highly affordable price;
 · · Grass Valley unveils new software for its K2 Dyno (v2) replay system, that provides faster and even more streamlined operations, along with new innovative and powerful live event replay features;
 ·  Grass Valley K2 Summit puts the power of proxy generation directly on the server, providing production speed and video clip handling advantages of low-resolution proxies to its cost-effective K2 Summit Production Client more affordable to a wider customer base without having to invest in a high-bandwidth and expensive infrastructure;
 · Grass Valley introduces a high-quality, fully integrated multiviewer monitoring capability to its family of Trinix NXT SD/HD/3G multi-format digital video routing switchers. The new option supports infrastructures up to 3 Gb/s while providing up to eight SDI multiviewer monitor outputs per card (number of such cards is unlimited) including the ability to monitor audio for each source. Grass Valley also adds more new capabilities to well-established, highly successful Trinix Router's platform with two new options - two Trinix Fiber I/O boards, which allow new and existing Trinix users to add optical I/O capability in the same frame with electrical (coax) I/O functionality for added flexibility;
 · Grass Valley revolutionizes LDK 4000 and LDK 8000 series camera connectivity with third-generation triax and fiber transmission system (3G Transmission), which converges today's triax and fiber connectivity into a single, powerful, and effective digital transmission solution - capable of HDTV 720p, 1080i and 1080p signal transmission from single base station at 3Gbps data rate;
 · Grass Valley introduced the Mediaedge LEB Pro H.264 HD live video encoder, the Mediaedge LEB Express H.264 HD live video encoder, as well as the Mediaedge -SWT4 for Mac video client software for the Apple Macintosh computers.
 · Grass Valley showcases a number of new features and functionality for its Maestro Master Control and Channel Branding system as well as its Concerto Series of SD/ HD/3G video routing switchers. The Maestro master control innovation is designed to help broadcasters comply with government regulations regarding the distribution of Emergency Alert System (EAS) messaging while the latter enables customers to upgrade their baseband infrastructures to accommodate higher SDI data rates up to 3 Gb/s;
 · Grass Valley unveils the latest version of its MediaFUSE (v2.0) Content Re-purposing and Multi-distribution System: a hardware and software platform that facilitates faster turn-around time for getting content to the Web and mobile devices for on-demand delivery.

Grass Valley Stratus

Grass Valley Trinix NXTGrass Valley DynoGrass Valley ADVC G series

Grass Valley K2 Summit

News from NAB also reveal increasing activities in transition to HD broadcasting - more and more TV companies and broadcasters over the world are investing in HD image acquisition, and news and programme production systems:

 ·  LMG, a nationwide supplier of video, audio, and lighting support services for live events, takes Grass Valley HD cameras 'Live' to support multimedia productions (18 new LDK 3000 high-definition cameras and a multi-year Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure that its cameras stay up and running 24/7);
 · Vietnam Satellite Television launches HD channels with Grass Valley production and editing infrastructure (K2 Summit and Solo servers and Edius editing systems);
 · Brazil's Rede Integracao migrate its local stations to HD news production, while Rede Record upgrade of its Record TV news production facilities in São Paulo, referred to as Technical Central to high-definition (HD) production capability (Aurora platform for news and sports programs, Grass Valley HD production switchers, routers, and signal processing gear supporting 3 Gb/s capability);
 · Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), the largest Christian television network in the US, is updating its operation with high-definition (HD) production technologies from Grass Valley (HD cameras, production switchers, servers, and routers);
 · Hong Kong's CineVisionTop makes Grass Valley HD cameras and super slow-motion technology top choice for rental inventory and has invested in a full complement of Grass Valley high-definition (HD) cameras and production switchers, HD slow-motion systems as well as new upgrades to its existing Kayak HD video production switchers;
 · Magic Media Company (MMC), one of the largest studio facilities businesses in Europe, is converting another of its production studios to high definition with Grass Valley technologies (cameras, production, and routing switchers, and an extension to the K2 Summit media server SAN (installed in 2010) used for tapeless production;
 · CTV, Canada's No. 1 television network - installs Grass Valley K2 Summit media servers to a fully redundant storage area network (SAN) which will allow network staff to share HD content both internally and with other CTV stations across the country;
 · Al Kass, the Gulf region's premiere sports broadcaster, is adding to its outside broadcast capabilities with two large HD outside broadcast trucks being built by Grass Valley;
 · Australia's Network Ten upgrades Melbourne facility to high-definition with Grass Valley (Kayenne 3.5 M/E HD Video Production Centre with an integrated 2-channel Grass Valley K2 Solo ClipStore and server platform);
 · Hong Kong Cable TV Ltd. (HKC), a provider of subscription TV and Internet services throughout the country, has deployed a shared storage, high-definition (HD) production environment, based on a K2 storage area network (SAN) and an Aurora Production Suite from Grass Valley;
 · Lyon Video becomes first US customer for new Grass Valley third-generation camera transmission system complementing its Grass Valley LDK 8000 Elite multi-format cameras.

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