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PBK expands investing in its first pure file-based play-out system

PBK - The First Baltic Channel

Continuing investments in broadcasting expansion, PBK (The First Baltic channel) opted for a Hannu Pro solution to deliver and implement new automated TV platform. The first deployment for this investment programme was automated channel play-out of REN TV for Lithuanian market, which was launched in late 2013 and is the broadcaster's first file-only based (completely tape-less) play-out system built around Grass Valley K2 Edge Elite - the most advanced version of Grass Valley's K2 Edge platform. With 5TB internal storage, SD/HD support, 3D/2D DVE effects, 16 channels of audio, teletext, invision subtitling and audio gain limiting, supplied system provides intelligent automated 24/7 play-out and complete 1+1 redundancy, as well as full preview functionality on separate machine. During next two years Hannu Pro supplied to PBK more Grass Valley K2 Edge servers and equipment for another two fully automated TV channels (REN Latvija and REN Igaunija), what allowed broadcaster to start year 2016 providing 3 new fully redundant (1+1) and automated TV channels.

PBK play-out system diagram

Supplied equipment list also includes: a Grass Valley TX/MAM (media asset management) system; a K2 Summit 3G production client, supporting 4 bi-directional HD/SD channels and equipped with 7.2 TB internal storage and AppCenter Pro application for ingest, live event recording and play-out; three EDIUS Pro non-linear editing turnkey systems, each equipped with EDIUS STORM 3G ipnut/output board, audio control and a professional JVC DT-R24L41D monitor; an Evertz 5600MSC+2PS+GP Combo Master Sync unit and pulse generator/master clock with 6 Black Burst/Trilevel Sync outputs including GPS option; Miranda, Axon and Evertz modulars and SD/HD signal processors/converters including Quad SDI/ASI Mux Fibre Transmitter and receivers; as well as Ericsson DVB-S/S2 modular satellite receivers.

IT infrastructure requirements are covered using HP managed switches and a Cisco VPN system. A Guntermann & Drunck redundant KVM switches with two CATCenter NEO8 units, four UCON-Audio-RM, one UCON-IP-NEO, three UCON-Audio-s-RM, and 21 server-side modules provide easy access to servers and IT infrastructure elements. Two mirrored systems Infortrend Eon NAS 3510 with auto replication and total RAW volume of 144TB each cover all data storage needs. Finally, a 4-channel SD/HD Actus View system provides compliance recording with multi audio, teletext and subtitles.

Hannu Pro also designed and delivered special furniture - custom-designed under strict PBK requirements. Hannu Pro engineers planned, designed and delivered whole system as turnkey solution, while Hannu Pro service technicians carried out physical installation, configuration and set-up, as well as system acceptance tests.

PBK play-out system installation

Grass Valley K2 Edge serversGrass Valley K2 Summit 3G

PBK play-out system racksPBK play-out system racksPBK play-out system racks

PBK play-out system racksPBK play-out system racks

PBK play-out system racksPBK play-out system racks

PBK play-out system racks

PBK Play-out equipment
installed in machine room

Production facilityProduction facility - K2 Edge control panel

Non-linear editing and production facility

PBK play-out master control roomPBK play-out master control room

PBK play-out master control roomPBK play-out master control room - Stratus

PBK's Grass Valley K2 Edge at test facilityPBK's Grass Valley K2 Edge at test facility - Stratus

PBK play-out master control room

PBK play-out provided by Hannu Pro

Hannu Pro engineers prepare PBK's
play-out system for roll-out


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