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Hannu Pro becomes an official Sennheiser partner and also sums up Q4 achievements
Hannu Pro - official Sennheiser partner

After analysing last year's quarter four results, Hannu Pro also summed Riga sales team achievements in regular video production projects segment. Solutions and equipment, including a high quality Angenieux OPTIMO 25-250mm cinematic lens; an Autocue teleprompter; an Alphatron camera crane (jib system); Blackmagic Design switchers and signal processing devices; RAID systems; numerous various brand 4K capable cameras equpped with supporting accessories to match customer requirements; play-outs; as well as surveillance systems and other tools totaling more than EUR 100 000, were supplied to the numerous customers in Latvia – companies of VTV group, Arkogints, Prieka Vests, Talsu Televizija, LNT, 4.vara, Laba Daba and many others. Supplies also included Sennheiser products.
Note, that Hannu Pro has become an official Sennheiser partner for Sennheiser Professional Audio, Sennheiser Professional Systems/Integrated Systems and Neumann product groups. For additional information about Sennheiser product availability please contact your Hannu Pro representative.
Hannu Pro delivers sophisticated VSM system to ERR

Last year acting as L-S-B local partner Hannu Pro Tallinn delivered a sophisticated Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) system to Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) for their IRIS OB VAN. ERR has already been live on air with the new VSM system, covering the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying match between Estonia and England and FIS skiing world cup in Otepaa, Estonia.
The VSM installation ties together and adds a control layer on top of all key equipment in the OB VAN. This includes Evertz and Avitech multi-viewers, Grass Valley video mixer, router, and cameras, Lawo audio mixer router and other equipment. Open, scalable architecture allows system expansion controlling components such as Riedel intercom system or Grass Valley K2 video servers, as well as other equipment, which ERR might purchase in future. ERR senior engineer in charge Toomas Oigus described the system as “so big with so many possibilities; we are extremely happy”.
VSM is a complete user configurable-system, meaning engineers can manage and prepare configurations both on and off line for productions. It brings together everything under one roof - user panels and interfaces can be configured without limitation to meet the requirements of different workflows and applications, while the whole system is under redundant control of vsmStudio server application.
Supplied VSM system was designed, adapted and configured in close cooperation with L-S-B and ERR.
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Hannu Pro Vilnius supplies brand new Leica Summicron-C lens set to Prorent
Leica Summicron-C set

At the end of 2014 Hannu Pro Vilnius supplied the first in Baltic States state-of-the-art Leica Summicron-C six lens set to Prorent - Lithuanian professional production equipment rental house with a focus on filming equipment rental, including: cameras, accessories, lights and sound recording equipment. Leica Summicron-C set offers six new PL mount T2.0 prime lenses: 18, 25, 35, 50, 75 and 100 mm with distortion-free geometry. These lenses are an affordable alternative to Summilux-C series and provide incredible performance that matches or exceeds the competition, with full coverage up to and including the RED dragon sensor. Prorent plans to offer new lenses mainly with Sony F55 - exceptional 2K/4K production camera, which Hannu Pro Vilnius supplied earlier. Project market value reaches EUR 73 000.
Jordan Radio and Television Corporation updates its broadcast infrastructure with Grass Valley (updated with link to project details page)
New play-out development at Jordan Radio and Television Corporation

In an effort to improve its overall broadcast infrastructure and dependability, the Jordan Radio and Television Corporation (JRTV) opted for 3G play-out system based on Grass Valley technology. The broadcaster purchased a solution that includes five 3G-ready K2 Summit transmission client servers for media recording and play-out capable of stand-alone or networked (SAN) operation; a number of Grass Valley EDIUS NLE systems supporting direct fibre connection to K2 Summit SAN; a Trinix 3G Jupiter controlled switcher with built in multiviewer support; and a 1+1 redundant Maestro master control system with DVE and broadcast graphics. All system operations are controlled by Pebble Beach Systems Marina automation system. Also supplied is a Pixel Power LogoVision broadcast graphics and channel branding system and an Interra Systems Baton automated file quality control system. Systems integrator AVC Al-Waseet, located in Amman, Jordan, and his partner, Hannu Pro of Latvia, are both supervising deployment process while Hannu Pro designed the system's technical project, developed layouts, provided equipment supplies, as well as carried out installation and configuration duties. Project market value exceeds EUR 2 million. The Jordan Radio and Television Corporation delivers a 24-hour Arabic broadcast as well as an English language service for 21 hours a day and a French language service for 13 hours a day. New investment will allow broadcaster to offer 3 additional TV channels.
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Latvian Television invests in new Grass Valley equipment to support play-out
Grass Valley T2 iDDR-PRO
Earlier this year Latvian State Television (LTV) set the target to improve broadcasting automation by upgrading technical resources and carried out an in-depth market research for available technologies and solutions comparing various systems and functionality. After finishing the research procedure LTV called procurement tender "supply of digital video recording/play-out equipment", which closed in October with Hannu Pro victory. The most competitive offer prepared by Hannu Pro was based on Grass Valley T2 iDDR-PRO intelligent media recorder technology and according to final agreement LTV soon will receive three multifunctional media server units providing a number of signal input/output and video format options. Each Grass Valley T2 iDDR-PRO unit supports SD and HD (up to 1080p) video, simultaneous one channel recording and play-out for two independent channels. Each unit includes 1TB media and data storage and supports transparent background content transmission and synchronization, as well as different remote control protocols, including: AMP (Advanced Media Protocol), BVW, GPI, and more using RS-422 or Ethernet connections. The supply also includes monitors and other required accessories. Project market value exceeds EUR 40 000.
Hannu Pro to supply 3D virtual studio to Latvian University
Orad HDVG4 platform for Latvian University
At the end of September a public tender "3D environment simulation equipment delivery for the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) sub-activity "Research Infrastructure" project "Research infrastructure development for National Research Centre of Social Economy and Public Management" called by Latvian University closed. Hannu Pro won this tender and soon Latvian University will receive state-of-the-art 3D virtual studio, based on the Orad's latest 3-rd generation HDVG4 platform. Orads's HDVG platform is developed aiming to broadcast market and allows creating the highest quality productions with less that 2 frames latency. Virtual studio solution brought by Hannu Pro is the first of its kind in Baltic States. It supports SD and HD formats, up to 16 live video sources with live tracking, and up to 16 video outputs, as well as video server control. Latvian University plans to use this virtual studio at Faculty of Social Sciences to train students and prospective television journalists. Project market value exceeds EUR 70 000.
LNT invests in new, highly effective replay system
LNT, Viasat
In August, just right before new TV season launch, LNT - popular Latvian television company and a part of Viasat telecommunication network - made substantial upgrade of its broadcasting resources and opted for replay system solution developed by Hannu Pro. Hannu Pro solution is based on sophisticated replay system-all-in-one cost effective turnkey solution, ideally suitable for televisions and venues to provide dynamic television and sports programmes. Supplied system allows processing of up to 8 sources, including SDI support, and provides 2 separate outputs, as well as multiviewer functionality. It also can be geared with company's existing broadcast infrastructure or operated stand-alone, providing immediate replay from various viewing angles, slow motion replay, high quality broadcast graphics, and data exchange with social networks. Additionally Hannu Pro also supplied a compact ISDN mixer, Sennheiser headsets and a video monitor for visual monitoring. Project market value exceeds EUR 50 000.
Hannu Pro provides play-out for Positivus TV channel
Positivus TV 
In June Hannu Pro and Hannu Digital commenced implementation of new cooperation project to develop in-house play-out system, allowing direct provision of TV channel play-out services to Hannu Pro customers. With this project Hannu Pro is setting new grounds on expanding business activities. Hannu Pro TV channel play-out service offer is beneficial opportunity for customers exploring available play-out options for Blatic and global markets without investing substantial resources into expensive play-out infrastructure. Hannu Pro and Hannu Digital now together hold an advanced play-out and telecommunication systems infrastructure, which can work with content received by various means (FTP, IP, SDI and others) providing automated TV programme play-out with enhanced interactive broadcast graphics, as well as allows routing of prepared signals to all possible distribution networks - IPTV, OTT, DTT and SAT. To match the events of Positivus - highly popular music festival, which took place on July 18th to 20ty, 2014 in Salacgriva, on June 10 Hannu Pro launched Positivus TV music channel broadcasts and provides automated programme play-out, channel branding and transmission to broadcast systems for distribution into WebTV, Lattelecom interactive IPTV, and Latvian terrestrial broadcast networks. For detailed information about play-out services offered by Hannu Pro, please, contact your local Hannu Pro representative.
Sound Devices, LLC introduces new product brand - Video Devices
Sound Devices, specialists in audio and video production equipment, presents Video Devices, a new brand and identity for its line of video products. “To reinforce and clarify our audio and video product lines, Sound Devices is focusing its video product efforts into a new brand identity, Video Devices. This new and separate brand will allow us to clearly define and tailor our video product portfolio specifically to video applications and markets,” says Matt Anderson, President of Sound Devices. “While production sound equipment is our foundation and we continue to develop cool new audio gear, video production has become increasingly important for us. The Video Devices brand is a clear message to the industry that we are in this market for the long haul.” All future products, specific to video markets, will also be branded Video Devices. This is an important step in a focused strategy to make Video Devices a dominant force in the video production and video integration markets.
Hannu Pro expands partner list with Belden
Starting from 2014 Hannu Pro expanded its product range with Belden communication network infrastructure products and solutions now available for customers in Latvia, Baltic States and other markets. Uniting a number of various communication technology enterprises Belden is one of worlds leading network infrastructure products manufacturers. Belden offers wired and wireless end-to-end signal and seamless data communications and automation systems, as well as signal conversion, and IP/ legacy data transmission convergence solutions for IT industry, industrial and corporate connectivity, transportation, and broadcasting. Belden provides highest quality audio and visual cabling and end-to-end signal transmission solutions for most demanding broadcasting industry, as well as energy industry to withstand toughest operational conditions. To find out how Belden technologies can help your business, please, contact your Hannu Pro representative.
Hannu Pro supplies Christie digital projection equipment to Johvi concert hall
Christe CP2215 in Johvi concert hall 
A tender to supply digital cinema projector to Amadeus cinema at Johvi concert hall closed earlier this year with a Hannu Pro Tallinn victory. At the end of May Hannu Pro supplied to Johvi concert hall a new powerful video projector capable of providing high quality screenings in 144-seat venue with 10 meters large screen. Solution provided by Hannu Pro includes: a Christie CP2215 3-chip DMD DLP digital cinema projector (brightness up to 15000 lumens) with appropriate lens; an integrated GND SX-3000 media block featuring 3TB of redundant hot swappable storage; as well as a rigid support furniture with integrated two 19" rack compartments to support additional equipment.
Latvian LVRTC tests the latest iPasolink technology
NEC iPasolink EX 
LVRTC (Latvian State Radio and TV Centre) commenced testing the latest iPasolink millimetre wave radio systems at the beginning of May. Hannu Pro supplied to LVRTC iPasolink EX units, which allows true Gigabit high-speed transmission. The solution is ideally suited for mobile backhaul 4G (LTE/WiMAX) small cell deployment, while also work equally well in core network access or transport applications in dense urban areas. iPassolink EX provides the following advantages: full speed GbE and more capacity (3.2Gbps [with XPIC 2 + 0]), high spectrum efficiency, QPSK to 256QAM adaptive modulation, zero footprint, low power consumption and more. LVRTC currently carries out laboratory tests. Complete outdoor tests are planned later. For additional details, please, contact your local Hannu Pro representative.
Christie proudly supports HOFF 2014 film event in Estonia
Chrietie Solaria One 
At the end of April an alternative film event HOFF 2014 took place in Haapsalu, Estonia. Christie - worlds leading visual solutions provider - teaming with its local partner Hannu Pro Tallinn, supported the festival, providing technical assistance to Estonian rental company Avision, which was in charge of video projection. With the support of Hannu Pro Tallinn an excellent Christie Solaria One DCI compliant movie projector unit was supplied to Avision. With its S2K (2048x1080 pixels) 3-chip DMD Cinema DLP technology and light emission of 8000 lumens (within DCI colour space) Solaria One is ideal and affordable solution for digital movie and advertisements projection in small and medium size venues. Solaria One capable of displaying DCI or local content, supports 3D and high frame rate MPEG2/H.264, as well as features Christie IMB content module built in.
Hannu Pro and Grass Valley organize technology road show in Georgia
Grass Valley roadshow in Tbilisi 
At the end of April Hannu Pro in cooperation with Grass Valley organized technology road show in Georgia. Grass Valley representatives Grigory Arzamastsev, Anton Doyneko side by side with Hannu Pro engineers, conducted an extensive two-day seminar programme, during which representatives of Georginan television and production companies were introduced to the latest Grass Valley developments for filming, dynamic programme production, and content creation. Demoed products included: software licence upgradeable LDX series broadcast cameras - LDX, LDX Compact, as well as an 6x Ultra Slow Motion camera; a GV Director - non-linear production platform; and a GV STRATUS content creation system along with integrated K2 Summit 3G servers and K2 DynoS replay/slow motion system.
Hannu Pro organizes trans-Baltic GV STRATUS road show
GV STRATUS Baltic roadshow (Riga) 
At the end of March Hannu Pro in cooperation with Grass Valley organized extensive Baltic road show devoted to in-dept preview of Grass Valley GV STRATUS nonlinear content creation system. During the road show Grass Valley representatives Cees van Amerongens and Phil Myers disclosed the extensive feature list and workflow options of GV STRATUS non-linear production system to attendees - producers, directors, editors, journalists, and other creative professionals of Baltic television and production companies. Separate seminars for creative staff and technical personnel were held in each of the cities - Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius, keeping focus on specific workflow details.
»»» check the .pdf document for detailed GV STRATUS information
Fujinon responds to 4K-market growth with new Cabrio series
Fujinon ZK-Series (Cabrio) 
As the 4K-market blossoms and camera manufacturers hasten launching newer and more affordable cameras, Fujinon offers new ZK-Series (Cabrio) lenses to meet the demand for 4K productions. Fujinon’s 4K ZK-Series (Cabrio) lenses use of the “three moving zoom group” system, which minimizes aberration fluctuation during zooming, controls image distortion across the zoom range while delivering edge-to-edge sharpness to enable video production at premium image quality. The mounting of the digital drive unit enables the remote control of zooming, focusing and iris (aperture) adjustment. The availability of the Zoom Rate Demand and Focus Position Demand controls means the lens offers the operability equivalent to conventional television camera lenses, making it ideal for shooting sports events, movies, commercials, dramas or live TV show productions. For detailed information about the latest Fujinon developments, please, contact your local Hannu Pro representative.
Hannu Pro commences new JVC GY-HM650 camera sales
At the beginning of February Hannu Pro began sales of new JVC GY-HM650 camera and now everyone is welcome to contact us by phone +371 67452203 or email sales@hannu-pro.com to arrange the test drive. JVC cameras are well received by television companies and production houses and new GY-HM650 camera is not an exception. It is equipped with innovative wireless transmission solution supporting WiFi and 4G wireless networks and allows content streaming to base station server directly from the location as long as appropriate networks are available. This is especially beneficial in news production, where fast content delivery from the location to production studio is critical. For detailed information about new GY-HM650, please, contact your local Hannu Pro representative.
JVC cameras maintain popularity in Baltic States
After commencing broadcasts in Latvian national public multiplex from January 1, 2014, television of Ogre municipality took a decision to update its technical resources opting for JVC camera solution for programme production. Later, at the beginning of February Hannu Pro supplied to the broadcaster three GY-HM600 cameras. Earlier a number of similar production cameras were supplied to Valmiera municipality television and independent producers. JVC cameras are also in high demand in other two Baltic States - Estonia and Lithuania, where Hannu Pro supplied more than two dozens of GY-HM600 cameras last year.
Valmieras TV prepares signals for regional splicing in Latvian DVB-T
Vidzemes TV 
To support changes in Latvian DVB-T public network, Valmieras TV - major Latvian regional broadcaster - engaged in the process of broadcast signal formation. At the end of 2013 Hannu Pro supplied to Valmieras TV a solution for signal formation, routing and transmission, based on existing PlayBox channel-in-the box system. Supplied solution allows Latvian public multiplex signal preparation for regional splicing. Splicing ready signal formed in Valmiera is then sent to LVRTC head-end for automated processing and distribution to regional broadcast centres, where regional splicing takes the place accordingly.
Hannu Pro supplies broadcast equipment to LVRTC
In compliance with broadcasting reorganization plan, in 2014 substantial changes were made in Latvian DVB-T network. Starting from January 1, provision of the first public multiplex services is committed to Latvian State Radio and TV Centre (LVRTC). Program exposure in public network also has changed significantly. To ensure uninterrupted broadcasting in new conditions, during 2013 LVRTC called several procurement tenders. Hannu Pro actively took part in these tenders and proposed effective solutions for the tasks to be accomplished. Based on tender results Hannu Pro supplied to LVRTC equipment and a patch panel for Spinner DMV DVB-T combiner system; a broadcast standard Apantac Tahoma-LE16 multi-viewer system; two JVC PS-470W monitors; Several Miranda modulars for signal processing and conversion for optical transmission to transmitters; as well as licences for additional audio channels for the first public broadcast network.
Lithuanian TEO upgrades for additional interactivity
Icareus, TEO 
In 2013 TEO, the leading Lithuanian telecommunications provider, organized procurement for improvement of broadcasting interactivity and consequently opted for the solution proposed by Hannu Pro. Later Hannu Pro supplied to TEO a complete Icareus EPG server system, which handles automated generation of EPG (electronic program guide) information for four broadcast networks (multiplexes) put to TEO service. The solution, which Hannu Pro provided, allows network operator to increase the number of serviceable networks to 6 anytime in future.
Dautkom cable TV operator upgrades its studio resources
Blackmagic Design switcher for Dautkom 
Dautkom - regional telecommunications and cable TV operator - continued its growth last year and settled for another studio upgrade. For this studio upgrade project Hannu Pro made an offer, which included Balckmagic Design products - the top choice of studio equipment for local broadcasters. The list of supplied products includes: ATEM production system and switcher, a HyperDeck Shuttle video recorder, and DeckLink signal input/output boards, as well as signal conversion equipment. Dautkom is the leading telecommunications and cable television provider in Daugavpils city and area for more than 15 years and continues to be at the forefront of regional broadcasting.
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